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The two ball drill sounds similar to the drill I use where I put a tee in the ground in front of the ball and try to hit it out of the ground, really helps hitting through the ball instead of at it.
I have never had a problem hitting hooks. I have alway struggled with making solid contact and getting the ball in the air. Now I seem to have fixed that because I can make solid contact, but with a neutral grip it goes right, with a strong grip it seems to be going straight (so far). Like I said, only time will tell if it's just a false positive. I will take the advice given and talk to my instructor about it, thanks for everyone's help.
Like I said I'm just getting back from a year layoff and my swing was totally shot when I got back into it, so I got lessons. I have been struggling since then to get accustomed to a neutral grip but it just keeps getting worse and worse, and now that I switch back to my comfortable strong grip (that I've used since I started playing golf) I am hitting it straight again.
Well with a strong grip I'm hitting them straight (right at the pin) vs way right with a neutral grip. I'm going to stick to my strong grip for a week and if my swing starts to go south again I'll switch back to the neutral grip and grind it out and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong in my swing. I'd prefer to fix it in my grip because that's something I can see and control much easier than my swing path.
Haha, me too. ;) BTW, noticed you're from LA, what part? I'm orginally from the Lafayette area.
I could care less about losing distance at this point, I just want to keep the ball in play and out of the trees on the right. I would kill for a hook right now, anything other than a slice would be a delight!
My goal is to be able to consistantly hit the ball a reasonable distance and keep it in play so I can actually play the game instead of play "golf swing" on the range (been playing that game for over a year now). My question is, what is so bad about a strong grip, if it's working for me, why would I want to use a neutral grip? To me it's better to use something that's comfortable to you so you will be able to use it easier under pressure. My swing has absolutely no...
I recently got a lesson from my course's pro to get my swing back on track after taking a year off (swing was a wreck when I quit last year and wasn't much better this year). The first thing he changed was my grip, he said my grip was too strong and that I need to adopt a neutral grip. This felt horribly unnatural, but I stuck with it as I saw good results at first. Then out of the blue I became a pusher of the ball, I'm talking 45 degree pushes out to the right. I...
This guy has the strangest golf swing I've ever seen (save for Charles Barley), I can't believe the shots he makes with that swing.
Sounds to me like you pulled a groin muscle. I've done that before and it's not fun, you just have to wait it out.
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