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Avatar - gross of 10, net 9 -- minus 1 for not assigning a score for the post above!
Three for me - it's happened twice or thrice - last occurrence was summer 2011 when I shot my lowest score of 82.  I average one or two birdies (total) over 4-5 rounds/month.
Duck hooking shots with 7, 8, 9, PW, and Gap W!!  Can't explain it - last 2-3 rounds I've been driving the ball great (in the fairway a lot), short iron in is WAY LEFT of the green.   Frustrating...
I live in Central Pennsylvania, right outside of Harrisburg (the capital for those that failed US geography ).  In a nutshell, the golf scene is pretty decent, not great (more below).   I moved here from Northern California (Foster City) and before that Southern California (San Diego - didn't golf then).   The season here is April-October, but there is good chance you could start in March and play through November.  I've played a number of times on Black Friday. ...
I voted for "time".  I know my swing sucks, but with a 6 and 3 year old + work, honestly my once a week round is my "lesson".  Even if I went for 1 lesson a week, I'm told you need to practice what you've been taught - no time for that either.   I've playing golf for 11 years - for the past five or so I've ranged between a 16-20 handicap.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Maybe when I retire?
I admit, for the first time ever, I stooped to the same level about a month ago.  Playing a cheapish, public course here in Central PA, late morning tee time on Saturday.  We're a twosome followed by another twosome - they've already hit "close" to us before - too close for comfort.  Ahead is a 90-yr old couple plodding away - we can't play through, so we're stuck.   On hole # 8, dog-leg right through some trees.  My friend and I are sitting in the fairway waiting for...
  I am sorry but Stevie was an *sshole in the televised interview.  I agreed with what Nantz said about 13 majors and this is was "best week ever"?  Maybe Stevie's been watching too much vh1 in his spare time.  Yes, Stevie, we know you're pissed...   Somebody better tell Pretty Boy Scott that not only is his caddy more famous than he is, but has probably made more "prize money" looping for Tiger than Adam made in his 8 wins.    
Another monthly update: Handicap is now 17.7 (from 19.1).  I also bettered by lowest score (82 from a 86) - granted it was on a Par 71, but I'll take it.   A good summer so far!!
Thanks to everyone for your advice; I am happy to report that the clubs are now "broken in".  The 1/2 swings at the range really helped, and with a couple of rounds under my belt, I am happy with the results.  In fact, I tied my lowest round score three weeks ago (86) on a course I consider to be a challenge.   FYI - I recently got fitted for the 910 D2, and in my first round I was spanking the sh*t out of the ball.  I hit 8 fairways - it would have been 10, but I...
Must the Nike-sponsored athletes banding together -- looks like he's been taking tips from Michelle Wie on how to "injure" yourself when you're playing poorly
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