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I find when I play by myself that I "care" less and don't follow the rules as much in favor of practicing more. I get finished my round and have no idea what I actually shot. I much prefer playing with a random that I get paired with at the first tee than alone.  
I'm from Maryland too. Parents live in the Frederick Area. Where do you play.   For a good value I like Rattlewood. For a great course I like Whiskey Creek. In a (penny) pinch, Hope Valley.  
Not golf store, but bought a new bag on amazon. The Ogio Chamber Cart bag.
I'll take this bet
I shot 90 with 36 putts on Friday. Had a putt for 89 too and missed! Had 5 birdie putts within 10 feet...I think I know what I need to work on.
Bought a Cleveland CG15 58 deg wedge.  Excited to use it this weekend.
In general, if I hit my driver very low and with a hook when i mis-hit, would my shaft be too stiff? or too flexible?
Approx. how much does it cost to get fitted and reshaft a driver?
After work i'll be picking up a new golve and a dozen Bridgestone E6+'s for my round tomorrow.
If anyone is interested, I have Cleveland Hib-bore XL 9.5° I'm thinking about selling. Stiff shaft. I bought it late last summer and used it for maybe 3 rounds and gave up on using a driver until i can hit it better. It is in near mint condition. No ding, scratches, etc. Head cover included.
New Posts  All Forums: