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That's St. Andrews not St. Georges and the courses in St. Andrews are not owned or controlled by the R&A.
Royal County Down Old Course St. Andrews North Berwick (west links)
There is a replay of the interview available at Siriusxm PGA Tour. It was on Fairways of Life this morning.
Tom O'Tool said in an interview this morning that they would not be ready by 2016 so he expects to do it between their regularly scheduled releases -- "probably around 2018". He spoke on Sirius radio golf.
The USGA and R&A plan to try to "significantly simplify" the Rules of Golf. They hope to release the simplified rules around 2018.
I went to Pelz school years ago and they used this formula. Every chip should be hit so that it lands three feet onto the green and then rolls to the hole. You determine the club to hit by subtracting the roll/carry ratio from 12. If you need it to roll 5 times as far as it flies, then 12-5=7 -- use a seven iron. Consider your pitching wedge to be a 10 iron. So if you need to carry it 10 feet and roll it another 20, use the PW.
I have always preferred Hartmann luggage and garment bags. the luggage is expensive but lasts forever.
I don't care if they put it on the food network as long as I never have to hear Chris Berman announce golf again.
GOLF and Golf Digest have both gone way down hill over the past 15 years. The only one I always enjoy is LINKS.
In forty years of watching the Masters, this was without a doubt the most boring one.
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