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If he was going to change, this isn't a bad time now that the majors are over. Lots of time to get acclimated before Augusta.
This thread made me think of a small nit. Many people say foursome when they mean four-ball. Foursome may just mean four people together in normal parlance but in golf it has a specific meaning -- alternate shot format. Yet in the US I always hear people using "foursome" when they mean "four-ball".
Simple solution for those of us who have been married for many years - Just roll over in the morning swat your wife on the butt and say "which is it this morning, sex or golf?" She will be making tee times for you in no time.
Your opponent used to control your ball but that was changed years ago. You now have the right to mark and lift. Maybe he is an old timer who doesn't know Sorry - just saw this was already posted
Ballyliffin is good but remote. I would suggest staying in Sligo (Yeats hotel is nice) there are many more options for golf. Enniscrone is one of the best kept links in Ireland. You are also in easy reach of Donegal.
I have also seen the opposite. Laura Davies used to take a sand wedge to the tee and chop up a chuck of turf to tee her ball on rather than using a wooden tee.
Can't call that lucky. Afterwards Brad Faxon pointed out that every player in the field could make the shot that Bubba made from the trees but less than a handful could have made that double eagle shot.
1:32 could be considered speed golf for a single. 3:32 is tortoise golf. I bet you are one of those guys who drives 55 miles per hour in the left lane of the highway and doesn't let others pass because you are "going the speed limit".
For all those saying the course is too easy, they have decided to play four days this year. Let's wait and see what happens.
In our big annual invitational, my club always cuts a players handicap by a couple of strokes if it their first time playing in an event at our club and they often call their home club to find out what kind of player they are. They also cut players who seem to have a history of excelling at net tournaments.
New Posts  All Forums: