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Looked like Johnson didn't show up at the ceremony for his silver medal. Figures. Just as well.
Hogan might not be as dominant today but few of today's pros would have a chance back then hitting persimmon, playing balatas and shaping one iron blades.
I think Holly's interviews are excellent. You just need to try it with the sound off.
My dream has always been to be able to play golf like Tiger Woods. And now I do...
and it beats the heck out of the the back of hotel buildings and tacky mcmansions that border several of the holes at Pebble.
Woody calls himself woody, but if you don't care for silly nicknames please refer to him as Eldrick.
Just to be precise, those are divot holes. The divot is the piece of turf that has been removed. The issue often cited for not allowing relief from divot holes is that it would be difficult to determine when the hole had healed enough to no longer be considered a divot hole.
It depends. If the pitch mark off the green was there when your ball came to rest you may not repair it prior to making your stroke. If the pitch mark occurred after your ball came to rest, you may repair it.
I will take 55* over 80* any day of the week. Let's see, play best course in the world or a mediocre Texas track...
It is my favorite course in the world. I have played Pine Valley, Augusta and many other top courses in the US, Ireland and Scotland but for me nothing compares to RCD.
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