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I have always preferred Hartmann luggage and garment bags. the luggage is expensive but lasts forever.
I don't care if they put it on the food network as long as I never have to hear Chris Berman announce golf again.
GOLF and Golf Digest have both gone way down hill over the past 15 years. The only one I always enjoy is LINKS.
In forty years of watching the Masters, this was without a doubt the most boring one.
Phil Bubba Boo
When I went to a Pelz clinic years ago, they said to always leave it in if you can. They claim that Dave tested hundreds of putts (uphill, down hill,straight, breaking etc) and his data shows that the pin increases your chances off making the putt.
Here is what The Donald sent us members -- with his usual...
Ryder Cup, Open, Masters and anything match play
I believe that you are penalized for carrying 15 clubs not for using the 15th. Which one is the 15th?
30,000 pound fine. 18 months on probation plus the original DQ. Pretty costly.
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