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already does that, If I mind or not lol  
meant spread out the glue and rolled on carpet
I used 96" White Pine 2"x4" Studs. $1.96 a stud, but went through 50 of them to find actual straight studs at Lowes. 1/2" 4'x8' chipboard.  Talk with a lumber guy, Lowes will sell you a sheet with a chipped corner really cheap. 3" and 1 1/4" screws 12'x8' sheet of indoor/outdoor carpet.  This was about $45 at Lowes.  I know they make synthetic putting carpet, but I think the ball rolls really good on the carpet if you stretch it really good right after gluing...
There are straight putts to every hole but a few lines have also 2-3" break putts going diagonal.
Thanks, post up pics of yours when it is done, sounds like it will be impressive!
Just built this for my 7 year old son to practice putting on (ok, me too :D ) while he's inside from the heat watching tv in our basement.  Still going to put a rail of some sort up and paint the baseboards, but it works as of now.  Roughly 12'x8'            
I just bought some Puma's and I love them over the nikes and footjoys i've had in the past.
I didn't care for the 330RX. If it were me I'd hit the ProV1x or the NXT Tour. I seem to get more spin out of the Pro V and I'd rather just have it check on the green, reason I usually play the NXT Tour. Personal preference.
cool, thanks!
take to the top
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