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He has been helping a great deal, and I will slowly get better. However, it is comical watching the drives then the short game.
The skins will be very tough, as will the boysif Tuna can keep TO in line. The eagles will be very solid defensivley, but have not addressed the offensive problems(RB/WR) Thje Giants could still win that division, but my money is on the skins
Couldnt disagree more. Kim? Yikes no thanks. While Jeanne is not a beauty by "hollywood" standards, I think she might top that show. A difference in taste I presume. I do have to agree about Ashley's legs, looks like many a squat has been done in her day
Appreciate the feedback. I gotta say I love the clubs, the feel "right" when I swing. Let me say this however, I do hit it on average 250, but the rest of my game is Junior High Level. My brother in law used to be a golf instructor in NJ, and he laughs when he watches me with a wedge. I am a big guy, and he laughs everytime.
I cant listen to music. I have this terribly annoying habit of mumbling to myself when I hit, even at the range. The music would detract from that :)
I love it, used to compete in minor versions of it. It a lot of fun.
I am in Bucks County. 10 minutes past the NJ border
I have only picked up the clubs again for the first time in a while. I bought a realtively inexpensive Ram set, which has a nice feel. Would you say that a 250 yard drive from that driver would be longer on a better set? Thanks
I am from LI, and my father had played there several times and I was about to write something very similar.
I disagree, I think Tito pushed the fight more. Forrest did make a good showing for himself, as I didnt think he stood a chance
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