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This is the model Ghost Spider you might be seeing the TM tour pros gaming. It has a slant neck. Hoping TM will release this model soon, would love to try it.    
no no no, :BUYER BEWARE: one must never wear the G-Clip on the belt. The golf gods frown upon this when stepping up to the first tee box.     the G-Clip fits nicely clipped to the inside of my jean cargo shorts pocket (aka jargos) and does not distract me during my swing making dime size brown marks on my muscle back irons OR while sitting in the cart smoking a joint, listening to music and playing angry birds waiting for my playing partners to crawl up the course...
Vikings Baby! 3rd sorriest team in the NFL last year. One of the few proud fans in So Cal let alone the West Coast.
I just lost 3 minutes of my life reading this thread, but some where in those 3 minutes I smirked.     Angry Birds
Martin Kaymar -9 John Senden -9 Andres Romero -9
Veronica Felibert & Azahara Munoz     
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