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cue Allen Iverson press conference and switch out "practice" with "cargo shorts"
you can be anything you want in life. When you become a tour pro please consider me to be your caddie. thanks!
I wear headphones regularly as a single. Introducing myself on the first tee is wear I get a feel for the players in the group and if I'm going to wear them or not. Usually the other players are with a buddy or don't speak English so talking is at minimum between us anyways. If you are offended by me wearing headphones while I play is pretty funny. As for me not being able to hear someone yelling fore, cmon really?   and music in the cart does not bother me.  
wear headphones with music on or off.  
yes you can.
Nike Performance Carry Bags  
Dufner has a 65 in him tomorrow and force a playoff, with who I don't know.
just picked up the Tooth White Hot XG with a super stroke slim, need to get the putts under 30      
Thank you mvmac
haha, shorty's replies are super interwebz cool guy gold!   LoL!     OP free drop from where dude chucked your ball and awesome back and forth with shorty
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