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Jim Furyk   Kenny Perry   Carl Pettersson     like butter!
out of beers
see ya later... on the tee box   you're still away... on the green   haha!  
TIGRRRRRRRR....     wont make the cut, FIrst flight out of Jacksonville to Vegas.. Party in Tiger's Cabana!!
Jason Dufner -13 Louis Oosthuizen -11 Rory McIlroy -10
accurate review. Also I'd like to add that I see sooo many high handi's spraying this driver off the tee box, but that one great drive is all it takes to erase the 12 or so horrid sprays in there round!! So many more forgiving drivers out there but as long as they have the latest and greatest in there bag to brag to all there buddies about, that all that matters. you guys rock.
awesome shaft.
they look good but the leather on top starts to crack and rip where the shoe creases. Out of all the 09 nikes the air zoom elite 2 are my faves.
lol. Those look sweet Dent.
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