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http://i497.photobucket.com/albums/r...3/IMG_2782.jpg http://i497.photobucket.com/albums/r...3/IMG_2783.jpg http://i497.photobucket.com/albums/r...3/IMG_2785.jpg
Ok so heres my review after a round. the ball is good, plays like a tour ball, didn't see anything to blow me away or wow me. Off the tee and and in general it did come up about 3-5 yards short against the Pro-V1 I was also playing. Around the greens had good bite, Felt a tad harder off the putter. I will give them another go this sunday again and feel them out some more. I Dunno, Bridgestone makes a really good ball, 2nd best imo but for that price range I will stick...
Im sorry you guys have to wait. Im playing them in a bit will report back tonight.
You heard wrong. Roger Dunn's. Your Welcome
Grabbed a sleeve today will let you know how they feel in a couple days.
Bump that $149 up 30 more bucks and you got yourself a brand new TM Burner(2007), Cobra Speed LD or the Nike Sumo 5000. shop around its out there. :D
4. pw, gw, lw, sw
Volvik Crystal Soft Feel Rainbow Box.
haha sorry for the confusion. I tried multiple time entering the code using my first and middle name with no luck a while back. Came home yesterday with 2 boxes in the mail from Callaway(nice boxes may i add), 2 sleeves in each box. one box addressed to my first name and the other box addressed to my middle name.
cheers to your back nine 41 and Mr. Ed.
New Posts  All Forums: