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yes, in most cases this will work. Do not cut it!
callaway x-20's or ping g-10's. Most likely by the end of the year. :D
well said.
those look very nice.
Congrats on your club fitting experience, cgb max is a super forgiving and easy club to hit. I'm curious why they offered you only TM clubs during the fitting?
you know what that means.
good deals, congrats on your free vokey.
I do drink, and my friends drink too. I have a great time on the golf course, with and without the aid of medical medicine, cigarettes, and alcohol(couple of bloody marys or cheladas) not a cooler full or anything like that. Shoot better everytime WITH. I'm also there for the company and the golf in varying amounts. :D
6 pages about how he reads greens and what he wears. Kudos Camillo =)
its great for the game, having fun with your peers is what it all comes down to. How you have fun is up to you either by playing SGA or USGA. have fun fun fun. but USGA & Grey Poupon for me all the way haha.
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