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its great for the game, having fun with your peers is what it all comes down to. How you have fun is up to you either by playing SGA or USGA. have fun fun fun. but USGA & Grey Poupon for me all the way haha.
AWESOME. Check this app out http://iyardage.com/ this could be a winner, they just need to update the software with a ton more courses.
Well the putter itself is great for me because I seem to hit putts with too much power, the insert (which feel great may add) softens the blow and makes solid contact with the ball. toe and heel hits do not suffer and only lose maybe half a foot of length. the only bad thing i would say about this putter is when you have a super super long putt(25ft and up) you lose a lot of accuracy cause you really need to hit the ball. Anything under 25ft works like a hot knife...
I agree with the original poster 110%. You would think the big red umbrella, hartford dear and other big business names you see on every Sunday during the final round would jump all over the open commercial space, which would fund the money for quality programs.
Yes. <3 Erica Blasberg and Angela Park <3
Villegas outfits ftw!
CG14s. can't go wrong with either.
I play the same ball and let you worry about your ball. 2 less distractions for me.
yes yes. awesome feeling hybrids.
nope. wait... nope.
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