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Any drills you recommend?
Not the best videos, but hopefully good enough for some good feedback. I'm looking to identify any power leaks. Also, I'd like to become a more consistent ball-striker. Want to avoid the really bad misses that kill a decent round.
I'm playing here soon. Has anyone ever played here as a guest. What should I expect? What was the experience like? Golf carts? Caddies? Atmosphere? Courses? Thanks!
Good for you man, as a beginner, you swing better than most of my friends. Must be a decent athlete. Don't listen to anyone on the internet about swing dynamics, especially those not listed close to scratch and that includes me, as we are not qualified to analyze our own swings, let along yours. Kind of a pet peeve of mine around here. I think this may have been mentioned in earlier posts, but it helps to get an instructor. Early on, a good instructor will key in on...
You may have a functional tear in your shoulder which is not uncommon. You can have these and have good range of motion, but with a little discomfort. I have a torn labrum in my left and right shoulders from football and rugby contact and weight lifting. A few weeks rest, when it get too uncomfortable, usually does the trick.
What's your driver carry? Can you work the ball with that "Moe" swing? I'm just super curious.
That looks like the same club Old Tom Morris used to putt with. Intimidating!
Also, if you're serious about getting driver-fitted, use a Trackman launch monitor at about $100 per hour. It's done outside with real conditions and it tracks your actually flight from impact to rest. You can bring your driver and see how it compares to the Titleist. Titleist has the SureFit system that allows the fitter to quickly change shafts with head combinations. Obviously, you won't have that feature with your old club, so it's still only a best-guess if you...
Speaking from experience, if you're considering reshafting an old driver with a premium shaft, you might as well get a new driver. You say you swing 105 which, please don't take offense, but it's probably more like 100 mph due to inaccuracies, lack of equipment calibration, etc. 250 yards is about right. People think fitting is a miracle answer, but you're probably not going to increase your carry that much to justify reshafting an old driver.
I agree that the V2 is a good shaft. I'd move to a stiff shaft as your swing speed is on the border for stiff. Since it's still on the low side, I'd select a lighter shaft in the line.http://www.ustmamiya.com/shaft_model...uct.aspx?id=77
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