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better to end it now than getting married, having a couple kids and then breaking up.
watch the movies, the security guard is always killed first.  an unarmed guard is a car without gas.an invention of simpletons who think they are smart. more yearly stabbings than shootings but that's o k? right!   Would you feel bad is someone took your gun and killed someone else? What a stupid question.  Would you feel bad if someone stole your car and killed someone else in a car wreck? Would you feel bad if you found out that you bought someone a drink and later...
I have to have a carry permit but handguns are single shot target grade. I compete in sponsored matches. I would not use a handgun for home protection.  I have 2 twelve gauge shotguns and a 410 shotgun. each loaded with buckshot or slugs.  either load will do a job. that 410 with a slug load outhits a 44 mag. plus the carry range of a shotgun is not a mile like pistol/rifle loads.  
You gotta like Bubba
Sam Snead's swing.
Don't know what Foley has done that is harmful by going to fade, but WOODS seems to hurt himself swinging a golf club.  Did he ever hurt himself with Butch H.? granted he was younger but he won alot with that wirey draw.
Dufner is different and has had a lot of success. His demeanor is aloof and that maybe  what it takes to not over torque. If I could look like that and get a woman like that, sign me up.
Here I go again stepping right in the poop.  Iacacas is going to really tear me up.  I am so stressed.   Just listed to Nick Faldo's narrative about Tiger Woods problem with putting. (Iacacas said it was ok), problems with wedges.  And trying different "things" on the course instead of the range.   Listening to many of your writings, Faldo is without the "sandtrap" expertise truth in knowledge also.
You and I agree.  I don't know what makes writers think I have stepped into the poop and that you are really going to tear me up.  There is some degree of fantasy at work.  I know nothing of your program and would have no reason to say anything negative about it.  I know nothing of Floley's program.  But I do know that if student is still practising drills on sunday that mastery has not been achieved.
I totally agree.  I believe that analysis preceeds the teaching aids.  Any program without analysis is gravey out of the can.
New Posts  All Forums: