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gotta find a ball that will spin to stop on green or release from apron that is still decent to putt.
2 doz Srixon Z-star Srixon staff bag Ping Cushin
should have used tin cup.
what about their golf store? Golf Galaxy?
18 winn grips. 1 straight shooter putter grip
a help but you still hit the ball with the head, not the handle.
better to end it now than getting married, having a couple kids and then breaking up.
watch the movies, the security guard is always killed first.  an unarmed guard is a car without gas.an invention of simpletons who think they are smart. more yearly stabbings than shootings but that's o k? right!   Would you feel bad is someone took your gun and killed someone else? What a stupid question.  Would you feel bad if someone stole your car and killed someone else in a car wreck? Would you feel bad if you found out that you bought someone a drink and later...
I have to have a carry permit but handguns are single shot target grade. I compete in sponsored matches. I would not use a handgun for home protection.  I have 2 twelve gauge shotguns and a 410 shotgun. each loaded with buckshot or slugs.  either load will do a job. that 410 with a slug load outhits a 44 mag. plus the carry range of a shotgun is not a mile like pistol/rifle loads.  
New Posts  All Forums: