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I just demo'd an EZ 6i, I played yesterday and every time I had to hit my 6i I would drop another ball and hit the EZ. TBH I wasn't that impressed, I didn't hit it any further than my 6i, so I don't think it would be worth laying out the $800 +/- for the set. My irons were custom fit to me about three years ago.
I just learned today,one of the local Pro's told me that Phil's contract with Callaway says that he must have 11 Callaway clubs in the bag, the other three clubs are his choice.
Interesting, I wouldn't of thought that his contract with Callaway would let him put a Taylormade club in the bag.
Just watching Phil Mickelson playing in the CIMB Classic, I notice that he is not using his modified driver AKA the Frankenwood. I don't get it, why would you stop using a club that you could control, and helped you win both The Scottish Open and The British Open, and then take it out of your bag? Mike
When I have a good round and I keep my focus, I can remember every shot, but it seems that when I lose that focus I cannot recall anything. For example, last week I booked my tee time for 9:03, when we arrived I went in to the pro shop and the girl behind the counter told me that we couldn't go out because the ladies league were going to make the turn, I said, why did you book me in then? After a lot of discussion, the manager said we could go out on the back nine and...
Phil, Bubba, Westwood, Donald, G Mac A+   Woods, Harrington, Mahan F.
I had a similar pain last year, I went to see my Chiropractor, he adjusted my hips, rib cage etc and after a few days after the muscles had settled down I was fine, in fact my next round was one of my best, I shot a 78.
Yep, been a member since I moved here to the US. in 2004. If you you think about it, you'll pay $25+ for a hat at one of the clubs anyway, plus you get a personalized bag tag etc, and you are supporting a great organization.
I have had quite a few GPS's over the years, starting with the SkyCaddie SG1 then the GolfLogix hand held unit, I now have the Garmin S1 and I love it!  I also use the GolfLogix App on my iPhone 5. If I'm playing a course I'm familiar with, I just use my watch, if I'm at a course where I do not know specific distances to hazards etc, I will pull out the iPhone and get the info I need.   Best of both worlds I suppose.
Basically, that's the same thing that happened to me. Our club members don't have to pay the dues (I think the club pays it for us), we just have to go into the clubhouse that has the computer in it, (we have five clubhouses) show them our new membership card for the year and they update the GHIN membership for us. I believe the guy in the clubhouse forgot to do it.
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