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I would get some lessons from a pro first, they will tell you if just need to adjust your swing or start all over. I would'nt go from cheap-o to semi cheap-o set of clubs it's a waste of money, cause there going to do almost the same thing for a high capper. I would save your money and wait till you can hit the ball were you want, Then go buy a nice set of irons that will able you to shape your shots. Thats what I should've done, but I did it like you wanted to do buy...
30 and been playing about 3 yrs
Don't buy irons based on brand name , buy them if you hit them well , like the way they feel ,ect,ect. Also fix your handi index it says your a +14
I walk and carry my clubs.
although I have'nt hit them I've heard good things about pings wedges.
membership dues 300 month plus extra crap I'd say 400-500 hundos a month.
There is a bobcat that lives on the course that I see some times. Also last sunday there was a mountain lion sighting on the course.
After every round give them a quick wet down and scrub.
They will get sticky lol
1-2 times a week, If Work and Wife will let me.
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