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Bought a Nike VR Forged sand wedge at dicks for $80. 56* with 14* of bounce. At Sam's club, I got two buckets of 50 recycled golf balls for $9 a bucket, and I picked up a $100 Callaway stand bag for $59.
I'm about an hour/hour and 15 from you. For free greens fees, I would make a trip to play a course.
#8, par 5 with 475 to the middle of the green. Hit my drive right down the middle and had 190 yards left. The hole plays uphill so I took a 4 iron instead of a 5 and pured the shot. Started left and played a little fade and it landed 15ft from the pin. First time I've had an eagle opportunity on that hole. Missed the first put and left about three feet and sunk the birdie putt. Then on #9 I chunked a tee shot down a hill, pitched up, and two putted for bogey.
Shot an 84 at the MegaMatch for all the school districts that we play. Placed around 20th out of 44, which is better than 47 out of 50 last year. Had 35, +2, on the front, and a 48, +9, on the back.
Yes, mine is one of the newer ones. I did not get the weight kit with it but found one on eBay for $25, which I might pick up. I do think I would like a lighter weight on it, so I will order a weight kit soon. Is yours face balanced?
I was actually going to start a thread about these putters this week. I picked up a Brazos model from a local shop for $40. It is a beautiful putter and has a really good feel. I can't say I putt better with it, seeing as I can't putt with anything, but it does give me some additional confidence. The bottom weight plate was engraved with the shop's name, and I think I am going to stamp my initial's on it.
I really like the feel and look of golf balls with flat dimples such as the Wilson PX3. I was just wondering if any other company made balls with flat dimples? I am not opposed to regular dimples, but I like the flat ones better.
How do you like your fairway wood? I was thinking about getting a three wood and a hybrid.
I don't know my actual handicap right now (average low to mid 40's per nine). I put 15-20 and I do average well over 300. The last nine I played I hit driver 6 times and 4 were over three and the other two where a hook and a shorter pushed drive. I would gladly take 30-40 yards off to be more consistent, though. Driving the big distances isn't always the best.
Two trips ago: Finally bought a driver from this century, and a new Maxfli lob wedge. Last trip: Found a used set of Nike irons that I wanted, and bought them. The 7 irons is missing, but replaced with a clone. It was $75 for the set. I also got a Select 5000 2 hybrid with a Ping shaft. I was going to buy a replacement iron for my irons, but the cheapest exact replacement is $90, so I'll deal with the clone.
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