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imo, Shawn Clement or Andrew Rice
First one that came to my mind is Mark Brooks (1996 PGA) Although he does have 7 PGA tour victories under his belt. Probably Beem is the winner here.
How about this guy...lol
What's the point of 1200 bunkers anyway? I wasn't enamored with the golf course as all the networks were...mickey mouse design if you ask me.
Aren't there videos out there by Tom Watson and Sean O' Hair advocating the same thing? Not that I agree, because you do need to slide the hips, just wanted to point out there are pros who say the same thing.
Eric, thanks, thats awesome. So your head does dip slightly. I was at the range yesterday and struggling. But when I focus on the shoulder down and deep hands, almost exaggerating the feeling, I make great contact. It just feels so strange because I am used to moving off the ball and bring the club up more.
Can I get the "left shoulder down" (on the takeaway) concept explained? I understand you shouldn't move off the ball, which creates a level shoulder turn. So is "shoulder down" term used to show the opposite of this, or do you actually move your shoulder down on the take away. Wouldn't my head dip?
Kostis should not be analyzing swings on tv if he doesn't know what he is talking about it. I just saw him analyze Wilson's iron swing about an hour ago, and he clearly mentioned Wilson using SnT, and said he tilts back to the right on his downswing, and that's the tilt part of the technique. I'm just learning the swing and have read the book, that is not what I understood the tilt part to be about. Oh, and someone mentioned that Andy and Mike shouldn't have labeled the...
keep weight on left foot, narrow stance, cozy up to the ball. When I shank or flub a shot, its because I have set up too far away from the ball.
I find this hard to believe, maybe it's because the books I get don't usually have a lot of illustrations -- but, I am in the middle of reading SnT, and I find it has a good amount of pictures and illustrations -- either way, its one of the better books I have read, plus, it is helping my game. I would also recommend Andrew Rice's "It's all about impact', and Shawn Clements DVD and YouTube videos.
New Posts  All Forums: