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I'm sure I've taken a few over the years as has everyone else. However, we don't have millions of dollars in prize money at stake.
I wonder what the producers yelled in Johnny Miller's earpiece when he all but accused Tiger of cheating without saying so. Funny he never mentioned it again afterward. After Tiger hit his ball in the water on 14, NBC showed an aerial view that clearly showed where the ball entered the hazard. I am curious to see the correlation of the aerial shot and where Tiger dropped
Easiest cure for the slice is as follows (worked for me when I was 13), courtesy of Harvey Penick:   1)  Imagine you're playing baseball and at bat.  2)  Aim at the second baseman. 3)  Try to hit the ball over the shortstop.   Works like a charm.
Guys who I would avoid:   1)  Johnny Miller - typical BYU stuffed shirt (I would probably end up making a comment about Brandon Davies getting booted off the basketball team and then the Lobos blowing them out on their senior night just to get under his skin). *disclaimer: my handle does not denote BYU Cougar - it's my high school mascot* 2)  Sergio - a whole lot of ego for a guy who hasn't won a major. 3)  Corey Pavin - we would probably get under each other's...
Let's see here...   Augusta (would probably give me my best shot at playing well because it sets up to my game and I can putt fast greens pretty well)   Other guys in my foursome:   1)  My dad with a healthy back - he injured his back, had a spinal fusion, and can't play anymore.  He really misses the game and hasn't set foot on a course since he got hurt in 2007.   2)  Bill Bixby - I LOVED the Incredible Hulk when I was a kid, and found out he was an...
June 2009, 6th hole on the Deer Run Championship Course in Newport News, VA.   Just out screwing off on a Sunday afternoon, got stuck behind a slow foursome on the 4th and 5th holes - started getting irritated with them after 5.  They let me play through on 6 tee (540y par 5).  Thanked them for letting me through, hit my drive about 310 down the right side.  Pin's on the front right (green is 35y deep), so I have a 4I in.  Make a unconsciously great swing on the 4,...
Shot 71 Saturday with 6 birdies.  Absolute SLOP.  Didn't get any skins either.  
I have a DCI Gold 2-iron in my bag, had it since I was in 10th grade - probably been through 4 shafts and countless grips due to wear and tear, still hits better than any hybrid I've ever tried out.  Big reason I don't like hybrids is the ball gets up too quickly and tends to sky-draw.  Any hole that has trouble left is out of the question with a hybrid off the tee, where with the 2I, I get it out there 220-230 with maybe +-20 yards lateral deviation.
Last weekend, I took the Amtrak from Newport News up to Washington to watch the Army-Navy game with my dad.  It cost as much as a tank of gas to and from there + 20 per trip to upgrade to busines class.  Playing Angry Birds for 4 hours beats the living shit out of fighting traffic up I-95 and the Beltway.  That being said, I was thinking about getting up to Bethpage next summer taking the train.   I remember in the station at Newport News, it said that golf bags were...
  Maybe his parents had to go broke to send him there - you never know.  
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