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Does that stuff really work on putters? I love their commercials btw.
PM sent. Thanks!
I saw the same thing on TV. I do this every time and it saves me alot of tees. Wood and plastic.
AirVue FTW!!!
Check it out: Here is their website: http://www.airvuegolf.com/
ONLY BUY THE AIRVUE!!!! Best app EVER!!! Cost me $40 and is the best GPS I have ever had. I took back my Sky Caddie SG4 and saved myself $160. Seriously, it's awesome.
Email sent.
Do you know if those new G40 lenses will fit onto those frames? I think your frames are the older ones and won't fit the new style of lenses.
Thanks for the input everyone. I think I will find a pro and check some options out.
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