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Thanks for posting these stats
Am unable to warm towards her. Doesn't matter as lexi will blow past her to be the leading American player for years to come
Wtf kuch. Three bogeys in your last three holes? Must have been hitting the bottle (of Talisker) after the turn
Congrats lexi. Way to go. Looks like she's starting to fulfil her phenom potential unlike her compatriot ms Wei.
Glad to see Henrik playing so well again after some years in the wilderness.
Go Inbee. Hope she finishes ahead of Suzanne and Stacy so the biased press don't argue for a blond POY. If either Suzanne or Stacy had two let alone three majors, I wonder if they'd be looking for excuses for a Korean with only one major to be POY.
There's one major difference here. For other sports, fans and therefore sponsors don't equate off field martial events with on field matters. No one claims that MJ or Kobe are any less a basketball player despite their marital woes. With Tiger, people are now calling him an on course cheat given his off course philandering. BC should know better but he's just playing to the crowd for his 15 minutes of fame. That's self serving and plain wrong.
Who knows if he'll win another major or how many or when. I'm just thankful for being around to watch him win that first Masters all the way till now. It's been a hack of a ride. Thanks Tiger, it's been a blast . Wish you all the best and hope you get to at least 18.
My key point on this issue is that Tiger must not let "sleeping dogs lie". He must call out BC. As you rightly point out, once something scandalous / titillating hits the media /Internet it gets repeated over and over again, arguments rage, facts gets twisted and soon no one can tell truth from fiction. This was the "discourse" that BC was hoping to generate. It's disgraceful to start a discourse with a blatant untruth.
Yes, no one is calling for Tiger to be banned or suspended yet. But calling him a cheat diminishes his track record. It implies he may have won one or all of his majors or other pga and worldwide tourneys by cheating. It implies he won the Masters by 12 strokes or a US Open by 15 strokes through dishonest means. If not checked now, it plants a seed of doubt in some people's minds. That seed can grow and soon a lie becomes the "truth". Watch the movie Wag the Dog or Iraq's...
New Posts  All Forums: