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I get this too..Full sleeve tattoo on my one arm, earrings, somewhat of a "biker" look I guess you would call it. I just smile and be as nice as possible
If you have a 60* wedge, I'll buy :)
I want this one :)
Thats awesome!
They look cute..no worries
I actually look forward to playing alone..My pace, no one else yappin'..Its a great time to get away and enjoy yourself, as well as learning alot about yourself. One thing I do when I'm alone is always, and I mean always let other people play through
Honestly, I have just been hitting my 3wood off the tee lately..Until I can afford a lesson to help correct my Slice with my Driver.
Tan cargo shorts Black polo MLB hat Nike Golf Shoes Pretty basic!
I don't..anything over 85* is miserable to me..I wait for a cooler day, or after dinner when it cools off
I got the cheapest Nike's I could find at a factory outlet store ($40) I wear them every round, and they are the most comfortable shoes I own!..It is by no means necessary, but they are nice to have..I like having them so I don't have to get my normal shoes grassy/muddy.
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