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that bag looks great. But then again I am a big fan of plad. I just wish that OGIO had a stand bag with a 14 way divider. aside from that I love my OGIO
you are reading that the wrong way friend. so as soon as your done being a **** read it again. someone else I think is under this rock he speaks of. now let me make it clear. I did in no way ever say if you want to go FOR A off brand. I said if you want to go off brand. yes there is a difference. A off brandwould be going for something not normal going off brand would be intailed going off a lable. or going by a name. so before you run your mouth like that read it twice...
Adams is a good name for one if you want to go off brand. Anything that gets you into this beautiful game is a good start. Note that now that you paid for your first full set this should be the first and only time you really ever have to buy everything at once. now you can just upgrade one thing at a time (buy irons, then driver, then 3 wood. not set in that order though) due to the fact that you get used to your woods and irons as a whole why change it all at once? change...
1. fix the swing even a little. 2. Check shaft flex 3. check shaft length 4. avoid anything with a tour in the name (most are 1-2* open [unless you hook]) 5. If you have a decent swing, with the most correct shaft, you can look for draw bias (again if you don't pull) and any of the square heads do well. have hurd that the sumo squared it incredibly straight. but a lot can't get past the sound it makes. just my few cents
15 huh...I was looking at sabona bands and they where like 80. I have hurd mixed reviews about the magnetic bracelets. but I like the styles enough that if it didn't work I would be okay with spending the money. It's all about what you are willing to spend should it NOT work.
I don't say I agree with the brush or not. some use it to clean clubs but I am more a towl and tee guy. Everything has to be in order for me but for some they can just throw the clubs in the bag and be good. And I didn't mean it as an attack at you or anything. I just stated it in the way that I thought of it at the moment. (just clarafying...I re read that and it sounded a little abrasive to me.)
As stated, any way you go, get fitted. But I have now found, and I am sure there are a lot all over, but local club makers. The local here has a good limited lifetime warrenty, has GI clubs to Forged blades and the most expensive is like 600. As for shafts, they should be able to tell you if steel or graphite would be better.
To each his own right? I didn't think the balls would be a problem. . . I mean there is a spot for them mine as well use them. But for some it's not their thing.
that first one puts a hinder on my thoughts of getting the...2.6?... I think it is. The one with the center shaft. I love that style as well. Tough choice.
But still now the PGA is stating something about a reporter leaking the rumor of a fine and that they didn't take the comments as an attack on the rulings or the people involved. Give it a few more days. I don't think this will go away until thursday at tee time.
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