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Well said.
48 wpm. With a few mistakes The commas screw me up
just curious
sorry nevermind you need a 17
I use an old used odyessy putter with an insert that I love. Non metal putters just seem to have a harder feel that I dont like as much. I dont think performance matters either way even though pelz did say something about insert putters might work better. I think its just a preference thing, and those greens at the dicks/golfsmith/whatever store are the best ways of choosing a putter.
It all depends on how much you think you will play. When my dad and I started a few yrs ago, he bought name brand clubs that were last years models and ended up dropping around 900 dollars. I think you will be hard pressed to get all new stuff as a full set for much cheaper. I got a 200 dollars dicks set that sucked. It turned out that my dad doesn't play much and the clubs were imo a little bit of a unneeded expense. I on the other hand loved the game and the 200 dollar...
Wow, that looks nice. I struggle with grip pressure but it is so hard to judge. Something like this that could quantify it might be great. Looks expensive though.
It all depends on teh lie and the distance to the landing area. If I am just in the fringe, ill hit a 5 or 6 iron. If Im in deep greenside rough about 10 feet from the green Ill play a LW (or in my case a sw bc I am poor)
I like to go on the practice green of every course i play and practice rolling balls across and trying to stop them on the fringe. It acclimates me to the green speeds and helps me get a good feel for distance while I practice or b4 I go out and play.
Well, if you consistently hit it over 350 then why the hell aren't you on the long drive competitions. I definitely call BS on that and your 160 lb. friend that carries it over 330.
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