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Broke 70 Shot a 66 (-6)
My backswing is nice on plane but when I get to the top I drop my hands a little to enhance lag
I usually leave it in for downhill putts, but for uphill putts I prefer having it out.
I'm a 1.8 and I shot 86 my last round
Well, I have the Tour Burner and switched a couple of months ago and I gained about 10yards. I used to play an r7 425.
For me its my new Tour Burner driver and probably my 4iron
I first used em when I was about 13 or so My dad still has a bunch. We sometimes pull out the old persimmon and his old blades and play 18.
For me, it's put your right hand in a good throwing position and keep your head still.
For me, it's everything. The setting, the trees, the feeling of a perfectly struck shot, everything.
Softest balls I have ever played after old-school balatas.
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