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        They also may produce more spin. Or less.   But seriously, this is not an easy question to answer because of the subjectivity. No swingweight performs better than another in theory, but feel is important. Do your new irons feel better than your old? Do they feel worse? Do you feel more comfortable looking at a thinner topline? Also, the playability is different, can you handle less forgiveness? What shafts did you switch from? What source told you to switch? Have...
Make it the lightest umbrella on the market and I'll buy it for a higher than average price. I find most people looking for a golf umbrella (for the golf course) are walkers. An umbrella always feels like it adds 20 lbs to the bag so I hardly play with it.
WOW.    I live by the Memorial Village Golf Club where the tour visits every year and I've spoken to a few of the members during the tournament. They say that the difficulty certainly gets higher as they start to tweak the course's conditions. They use a few tees that aren't open for normal play also. I think Harmonious is right on with his comment.
I think I've seen numbers on this, and it was something like 48%/48%/4% interlock/overlap/baseball. Forgive me for not finding the source! But the moral of the story is that there is no 'better' method. People prefer one method to the others, but no style performs better than another. If baseball is what works best for you, stick with it!
I have GP multicompounds corded on everything but my wedges, which have VDR midsize. When comparing, the multicompounds are much firmer than the VDR. I was actually surprised how soft the VDRs felt the first time I used them.   I don't know anything about the pure pros, but when I look at pictures it looks like the NDur is similar. Personally I find that the NDur and REL seem thick; they feel almost as think in a standard as my midsize multicompounds.  
This sentiment really pisses me off. I work at a Golfsmith and I'm nothing but honest with my fittings. Also, I hit on the monitors during down times and they seem extremely accurate (minus distances).    Anyway, back to the topic. I fit myself for clubs and I find launch monitors to be the best possible tool. I haven't found too many variances in numbers when comparing indoor and outdoor monitors, I think it's more of a comfort thing - It's difficult to trust the monitor...
I believe you have the wrong forum. 
I'll seal the deal. I KNOW that site is fake - Had a customer come into Golfsmith with a club (TM R11) they purchased at buycheapgolf.com very recently. Pretty poor fake, ridiculously heavy, and the ASP didn't even come off. Do NOT buy anything off this site.
I'm a fan of larger than standard putter grips, though I think there is a small challenge to get over when switching. If you have an arc'ed swingpath with your putter, it may take longer to square up the face. I've seen players switch to larger grips and push everything to the right (as a righty...) for the first few putting sessions. It may require getting used to, but IMHO it's a worthy endeavor.   If you have a straight-back straight-through swingpath, that...
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