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 Shot a 42 today at Prairie View in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Par 36) It was 44F and blustery, but no snow on the ground. Very rare to be golfing at this time of the year. I went snowmobiling in the mountains 30 min west of town on Monday and golfed today. It will all come to an end on Thursday with an incoming snowstorm.   I played more this month then any previous December (5 times) and finished the year with 78 rounds of golf.
The snow has finally melted enough for me to get in some golf action for the first time in a couple of months. Shot a 3 over par 39 in windy conditions.
Jack Nicklaus
Ditto!! I love my 07 Burner.
I use Nike Durafeel and they are pretty comfortable after a few rounds. I have gone through two pairs since May. (21 rounds)
Snowmobiling, ice fishing, and model railroading.
I was a military brat. When my father got transferred to F.E.Warren AFB (Cheyenne, Wy) back in 1977, he took up golf. Sometimes I got to ride in the cart with him. Over time, he would let me hit a few balls during his round. By 1979, I was renting clubs and playing with him and I was hooked for life. Health problems took me away from the game for more than 5 years on two separate occasions , but playing golf has been better therapy that a visit to the doctor's office....
There is an Executive 9-Hole course (6 Par 3's and 3 Par 4's) near me that is really fun and challenging. I always enjoy playing there on occasion, as it breaks normal routine that occurs on the regular courses. The only bad thing is that they raised the green fees to pay for hand laid cobblestone cart paths and a fancy clubhouse with all the fixtures in gold and brass. ____________________________________ ____________________________ Driver- Taylormade Burner 3...
I have kept every scorecard going all the way back to 1982. Most of those early years I would stick them in my bag and let them accumulate. Then at the end of the season, they ended up in a box in the basement. It's interesting to look back through them and see freinds and partners that you once played with. Brings back alot of memories. Also, seeing how a particular course's score card evolved over time. One place I played at, always had a photo of a particular hole on...
Starting a brush fire comes to mind. Back in the early 80's, me and my brother were in one of those old style 3 wheel Harley Davidson gas carts. On the back nine (F.E Warren AFB Golf Club), we both lost are balls in a row of bushes and grass along the 18th hole. We spent quite some time driving back and forth looking for them. We finally located his and while he was getting ready to hit it, I smelled something burning. Then I saw smoke about 15 yards behind us. As we went...
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