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It's taking some getting used to. Don't like clicking Reply to thread and going straight to to Quick reply. Even hitting reply in a post you still have to click on advanced reply.
Tell me about it! But it seems like TGC does this at the beginning of every year, I don't think it's because of Tiger's recent news.
I come here and Hackers Paradise. WRX is really not for me. I actually belong to about 7 or 8 forums but rarely hit most of them anymore.
Finally hit 800 posts!
I need to update my sig.
IE7 and sometimes Chrome.
Every time I played as a single at my course last year, I was always invited to play through. May be a midwest thing. I f the course is full and people are keeping the course pace (4 to 4.5 hours) you should probably just tough it out. I have asked before, on other courses, if I could play through and the group ahead always let me.
One in a row, many times.
Then why do you even bother with spoiler tags then Erik? Get rid of them if we aren't supposed to use them. Because you disagree, I guess that means you are right? As usual? Because only other people can be wrong? Why do people put the frickin result right in the thread title?
New Posts  All Forums: