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It would be nice if a mod or admin could change to title so others don't find out before they want to.
Thanks. Now I don't have to finish watching. [[SPOILER]]
You found that video but didn't find this? Looks like he fixed it. It's still not pretty but a lot better than it was.
Seriously? We could ask instead, do you want to play golf? Yes or No. At least have a sensible poll.
Here's another broadcast. It covers the above and a little more than the previous video.
March Madness and the Big 12 Tournament are the only basketball I watch.
This is from the Masters website: So I would say he needs to win a tournament under #15 above. It is unlikely he will crack the top 50 in the World Golf Rankings beforehand.
We did? Because he said so?
I can't believe no one has replied to this yet, does anyone out there have any feelings at all? This was an AWESOME video. Thanks for posting it LBlack. I guess if you don't care about dogs you are just probably going "so what". Too bad.
New Posts  All Forums: