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Are you high? Arnold didn't use steroids? Seriously?
I'd like to know if the person who broke the window ever went to talk to a lawyer. You ask a question on a forum and all you are going to get is advice from a bunch of people whose opinions don't mean squat. If it turns out you are liable for the window, all the "advice" you have gotten here hold no weight at all. Either pay it and end it or fight it and get a lawyer. At least talk to one so you can find out what your REAL options are.
If I remember to. Half the time I forget.
With your choices I would go with the SkyCaddie. But I went with a different one altogether (see sig).
Big greens are easier to hit but small greens are easier to putt. Six of one, half dozen of the other.
I used to, years ago but it's probably been a good 10 or 15 years since I really paid any attention to it. And Cutler likely has a backup monitor or two with him (well, one less now! LOL).
The Hosel? As I mentioned before? That comes straight from Taylor Made via email.
I agree there, but these are some of the highlights.
At least he probably had the cash to go get another one someplace right away!
Yes, we need all of this. NOT! http://www.ien.com/ienblog.aspx?id=144730&ienUId=615673027
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