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From Fox Sports: EDIT: The thread title should be Pro BOWL prank!
I found the review of this but I can't post where because of spam, but there are other differences between the two according to Taylor Made. Mainly the hosel that supports the FCT. Sure is a sweet driver that I plan on adding to my collection as soon as I can.
Has anyone gotten the chance to try these out? I can't find much about them, I have done searches but haven't found much real-world testing done on it yet. I'm talking about the TP version, not the regular R9.
I hit it straight by aiming way left and trying to hit a slice!
I would say so. I can't believe people got their panties in a wad over his statement. Remember people, this was GANJA golfer! I thought it was funny.
Here is an person most of you agree with all of the time. He doesn't think all courses should have dress codes. I actually agree 100% with it. So let's hear why he is wrong. Come on people.
There sure a lot of posts that claim if you dress "nice" you play better. I'd venture to say (though I may be wrong, if so I apologize) that the OP has said this at some point in the thread. Even if not, a LOT of people have. Edit: I have actually gone thru the first 10 pages and he did not say anything of the sort. I assume now that he did not at any time in this thread. Sorry NM.
I'm glad you were able to answer since I know zilch about selling on ebay (I buy a lot, but have sold nothing). I didn't know how slow they are in getting back to someone on a question like this.
I would get in contact with ebay, not a golf forum. And you better do it pretty quick since there's less than 2 hours left in your auction.
I know someone who has one that he's used for a while now. He's in Canada near the coast and he hasn't mentioned any issues he's had with it. I'm just patiently waiting until I can get a new bag. I think this one could be the Shiznit.
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