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That is exactly right. But what if a courses "Dress Code" doesn't measure up to the elitist standards? Does it make it any less of a dress code? What if they allow jeans and a t-shirt? As long as you follow the dress code that the course has, what's the problem? If it bothers you, just don't go there or DO SOMETHING to make the changes you want instead of complaining about it. Petition the board of directors, get off your butt and change these low class slums into the...
Interesting concept. I can't hit blades so I couldn't see myself getting a set like that!
Depends on what you find! I would think most of their good stuff would get sent back to manufacturers rather than getting tossed in the dumpster. But you never know . . . let us know. If you find a bunch of good stuff some people here might go do it themselves! Of course most wouldn't admit it!
Nice bag SubPar. You have every right to be proud of it! I think I'll make it my next bag that I get.
Still better than the way I did it prior to last year. I always did it incorrectly before seeing that first video last year.
I never take off my wedding ring except right after wahing my hands to dry it off. I'm with most others though; phone, wallet, keys, etc. go in a bag pocket. I only have my ball mark repair tool and 3 or 4 tees in my pocket while playing.
Posts getting deleted for no reason. It seems if certain people make a post that shows them in a bad light it will be deleted, and all posts disagreeing with his point of view get deleted also. Luckily though these posts are up long enough that people know about it and see that the posts are missing. Doesn't seem to me the wayto do it. I feel that if you can come down on others for their posts you should have broad enough shoulders to take it when you make a post that...
Take your pick (there is a whole page of them at: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=repairing+ball+marks&search_type=&aq=f):
Yeah, you're right, I should have restrained myself. I thought that after it posted and I shut the computer down. That's a bad one on me. At any rate, I wll not look down on someone because they aren't dressed up to some people's standards. As long as it's allowed (on the course or anywhere) who am I to complain?
You know, spackler, swapping the words in the last two have nothing to do with how I feel about the dress code at a golf course. If there is a dress code, fine, if there's not, regardless of what kind of course it is, chill out. I don't mind dressing nice. If someone else doesn't that's their perogative if the course allows it. Don't like it? don't go to that course or take it up with management. And especially the last example. You make it sound like I said that about...
New Posts  All Forums: