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We should probably get back on topic. It's about golf courses, not churches!
What if someone's Sunday best doesn't measure up to yours? Should they just stay home? Or find a poorer church? Again, I don't care how people dress when they go to church. Only that they GO.
It doesn't bother me either. I almost bought a non conforming driver but decided not to. Nothing wrong with it if you aren't playing tournaments with it. Nickent Hybrid. I have a 3DX 4 hybrid. I don't think it's possible to NOT get the ball airborne and straight with this club.
A fancy restaurant . . . OK I give you that one. Church? You're going to look down on someone in Church for any reason? I'm glad they are at church. I don't care what people wear to go there. That's ridiculous. I think people have more class than you give them credit for. It's comments about having more class than someone else like that that make me think less of people. Go ask the priest/preacher/minister what's more important: going to church at all or staying home...
+1 Fourputt. I'm more interested in people taking care of the course than what they are wearing. Great post.
It's supposed to get up to 60* today yet have a chance of snow before midnight! I'm ready to go out and buy a bunchof aerosol cans and spray them into the air to speed up this "global warming" thing they keep warning us about! When is is supposed to happen? I am ready for no more winters! Al Gore?! Are you listening to me?
I was going to reply, but most everyone already provided my answer. I was surprised that your course allows spikes. If that's the case, best of luck to you finding some that fit your shoes.
I wish I could use a 2-iron . . . I don't even hit a 4-iron any more!
I always fix mine, and at least one other. I was taught that from the beginning by my high school coach. Time allowing, I'll fix more.
It looks like the powers that be have decided this is in the correct place or it would have been moved long ago. Try that here. It's pretty much frowned upon on most sites, even this one. I have made posts that mentioned within it the "R" word and I've had the whole post deleted. How did this remain? I don't agree. The people saying it is too tight are likely the ones who don't share the opinions of the establishment and have their posts deleted or modified, or have...
New Posts  All Forums: