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OK, so I am looking. I found this, I assume it's a reputable site but I am not sure so I won't stick to my guns yet, but: Seattle 911: A police bloghttp://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/s...ves/154875.asp Is it illegal to drive with headphones? Q: Is it illegal to drive with headphones? A: In most cases, yes, a State Patrol spokesman said. If you're caught rocking out with your iPod, you can be nailed for a $124 ticket. But motorcyclists wearing a helmet with built-in...
Heck, it was probably this year! I shot 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 and I am 46. I've shot 42 and higher before but I haven't played in 5 years before this summer.
So you agree it's OK to be holier than thou? Have right at it. I never said he wasn't a better golfer with more knowledge than I. I simply think the way he worded his original post was very snobbish. No getting around it.Well, that's my opinion, and that's all I got to say about that.
He sounds like a country clubber vs a muni. High class snob vs low class slob. He didn't need to say it; he could have disregarded us players who suck so bad that our opinion is worth nothing instead of saying something that would obviously rile people up. At least me. He's still a pompous ass. Doesn't matter if he has a grasp on anything. Being a jerk is no excuse. And he asked for an opinion. I simply gave him one.
Is this guy for real? Here's my opinion: you're a pompous ass. I can't believe you actually said that.
You're welcome; it's something everyone should know how to use.
Fixed it for you! You're right that you don't aim it at the fire and squeeze the handle or it will spread the fire. But you aim at the base of the fire, not above it. And sweep from side to side. Aim and squeeze and then go up to the fire.
Looks like it is a great possibility now; they need 11 more losses to break the longest losing streak though.
Sorry, but that's not the smartest thing in the world. It ticks me off when I see people doing that and I hope you get busted for it soon. Hopefully you won't complain about it when it happens since you obviously know it's illegal, and you should be expecting to get put through the wringer by others on this site for admitting to doing it.
Yes that is true. I was there. No one wanted to change and the idea was basically scrapped. I learned all the conversions and everything, but we only spent a couple of years on it in grade school. Nothing really stuck, although I can give you approximate distance conversions (maily from track and field), but temperatures are mostly a mystery except for -40, 0 and 100. Never quite got how if all the other numbers are so different that -40 Celsius and Farenheit could be...
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