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My goals for the remainder of the 2008 season are: Break 70 at the executive course (par 60) that I play (shot 79 twice); Shoot below 85 at a par 70 or higher course (5,500-6,200 yards approx., slope between 115 and 125 are the typical courses I play); To see my wife break 100 before the year is out (it's her first season).
I think it all depends on the course and what is considered normal for that particular course. As a standard, I see nothing wrong with jeans shorts (hemmed, not cut-off and frayed) and a nice T-shirt (even sleeveless is OK with me if the sleeves aren't cut off). Tank tops not so much but again it depends on the course. I used to golf in Iowa in a farming community and you'd see people shirtless! Not so good for a country club or uppity public course, but no one thought...
My wife and I enjoy this show. It's like the Amazing Race, golf version.
My Driver I can only hit around 200 yards. So I use my 3-wood which gets me 225 to 240 nearly all the time, plus I am sitting in the fairway.
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