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Yes, we would be thrilled to do well at her job, but would you be happy with the kind of day she had in your work? I daresay that most of us have been frustrated and ticked off at co-workers (right or wrong) from time to time, and allowed it to show.
Well, TGC is hardly an authoritative source for critical thinking when it comes to Wie. They had her winning the grand slam--at least they said the women's grand slam. I'm no fan of Winless, but I will give her due credit for actually qualifying for a card, or attempting to qualify if she doesn't make it. It's been clear for at least two years that the strategy of going for freebies and special treatment hasn't advanced her abilities as a golfer or an adult....
I've found that walking helps. At first, you'll perhaps feel stiff and end up taking quite short strides, but as you warm up and loosen up, you'll gradually be able to walk more of your normal pace. The old advice about staying immobile in bed, on the floor, etc is undergoing scrutiny. The thought is now going towards being more active as tolerated by the pain/discomfort. If you have pain or numbness radiating down your legs, get checked out, as that could be a sign...
One of the best things I've found for golf and general fitness is a good yoga class. You get core strength, balance, and flexibility. Not to speak of breathing control and a more relaxed mindset.
Me, too. Tiger is no doubt the best player today, and by a wider margin than Jack was in his day. But, being the best over time is important in sports, and Jack still ranks number one all time because of his unsurpassed major record.
Yes, but it displaces attention from the things about me that are even more ridiculous. You play the hand you're dealt.
Hey, you must be a Cub fan from roughly my era. "Let's Play Two" Ernie was one of my childhood idols, and still is a far better example of an athlete and a gentleman than most pros in just about any sport today. Sorry for getting off topic, folks.
As far as the cramping goes, that could be caused by poor hydration. Sounds like you are drinking plenty of fluids while playing, but the time at the bar may negate that, since alcohol is a diuretic and acts to dehydrate you. It can also throw your electrolytes out of balance.
RN for a hospice service. It's a second career for me. The first one was gas supply for natural gas pipelines and utilities.
Since the people who are paying the money to the players--at least right now--communicate largely in English, it makes sense for the players to learn English to connect with the public. I think over the next few years, the LPGA will be playing a lot more often in other countries and that will alter the language question considerably.
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