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I agree with the par doesn't matter thing.  Though it can be slightly annoying as a viewer when there are a bunch of holes that average 4.5 or 3.5 strokes and you're not actually sure unless you've been watching the whole tournament (or they display the hole average on the telecast) whether par is relatively average for the hole or with a par the player is actually losing (or gaining) 1/2 stroke versus the field.   But in general I like the super long par 4s.  I like...
Well I like short par 5s to finish cause my +/- hole average on par 5s is significantly lower than for par 4s or par 3s :-)  Then I prefer par 4s cause my +/- is a bit lower for par 4s than par 3s.   Basically I prefer to feel like at least I'm finishing strong (after a full round that's inevitably disappointing from a scoring point of  view) rather than losing strokes on the last hole!  But this isn't a super strong preference.  If it's a good course and the 18th is a...
A lot of pulls at this point?  Current fix for that?  Question motivated by the fact that I've had troubles pulling the ball as well when I try to exaggerate the flattening at the top.
I've been just on the dry swings in the back yard regimen recently, but I've been doing this drill a lot, and even with two hands on the club am trying to concentrate on the right hand driving the swing, with the left hand only there for stabilization.  I think you could play passably this way!
I agree with @Dave2512 that most courses already have holes like this.  Some short (sometimes driveable) par 4s, some longer par 4s, some long par 3s, and some shorter (reachable for some) par 5s.  Between all those it seems like you test clubs through the bag already.
 The key word was thin.  With short irons you can easily hit an ugly thin one 20 extra yards.  Yes, without monster wind, it would be incredibly rare if you average 135 to hit a flush shot 155.
I have this same problem, and I've only ever succeeded at times at least in getting steep-steep, rather than flat-steep (we're going for steep-flat). The thing that helps me with that is keeping my hands a little deeper from A1 to A2. When I let my hands push out on the take away it encourages me to roll my front arm too much/incorrectly (in the direction that pulls my left triceps away from my chest, relatively)/ This encourages raising my front shoulder, flattening...
 This is a genius response.  You can totally do it in a friendly way but at the same time there's really no response other than recognition that (almost) every amateur has way more to improve with their full swing than around/on the green.  I'm totally using this.
 Yeah I get that.  I'm just saying that if I "place" a ball in sand with the exact same amount of pressure/maneuvering/whatever anyone would use in any not perfectly flat area of grass to get it to stay where it's placed, it'll depress the sand enough that it'll stay there too unless the bunker face is super steep.
We weren't there and there's no picture, so obviously we don't know as well as you do what exactly the lie looked like.  But I am inclined to think that if the ball wasn't under the lip (you said almost under the lip), then it seems that the thing that must have made it unplayable was the fact that it was super buried and very close to the lip?   I ask just because if it's not actually under the lip and the bunker face isn't vertical or near vertical, then it seems to me...
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