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Used to.  Not anymore.  In my last round I started triple-bogey-bogey-double-bogey. Kept a good attitude and played well for the last 13 holes.
 Wait, so you don't choose tees based on ego, but refuse to play tees labeled "Senior"?  6000 yard tees means you hit your 5i 165 yards, right?
I agree with @Golfingdad.  I play with lots of randos for whom I think it's silly to be playing as far back as they do.  But I only care if it's causing slow play. That pisses me off.  But if you want to play too long of a course for your game and score poorly, but you keep pace?  Have at it.  I might be less laissez faire about this if I lived somewhere where the courses aren't pretty much always jammed at times I can play and a 4:30 round is the norm, with 5 hours not...
 Ha, I half jokingly advocated a number of mythical or ancient polytheistic god names.  Kind of turned into a running joke.  Though if we have a son I still kinda want to name him Atlas 
 Ha.  I'll blame the first kid coming I think just after the book was released...
 Well, screw it.  Rather than wondering what's in the book, I've gone ahead and ordered it 
Wait.  Is getting an accurate scatter plot with multiple clubs and a large-ish sample size a requirement for implementing LSW approaches?!
 I think that's because in other sports you have no idea really if the 50 year old guy with a big gut who never shoots with his team at practice and isn't in good enough shape to play well anymore no matter how good he used to be was ever any good at basketball.  So your only option is to judge him as a coach by how much he improves his players.  And there's also the factor in team sports that a big part of being a good coach is managing a team and the game, which is...
 Well he's currently sporting a +2.7 index according to his profile, so with continued improvement now that he's getting on the mini-tours it doesn't seem by definition out of the question.  Would still like to see some swing video! (Not for "proof" or whatever, just to see)
 Yeah it's fun when you've got your attitude down and are hitting the ball well enough that even total scores you don't love feel like good or at least promising rounds (instead of like you're never going to learn to play well and did well to grind out your decent score with poor ball striking).  My only round since the baby was like that actually.  Will spare the details given it's your thread, but I hit +8 on the first 5 holes with no warm up then carded an 87 and felt a...
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