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 What makes me think it is human induced is that I've been colleagues with, talked with, and been to seminars given by a number of very smart, professionally well informed people who work in climate modeling.  According to every well informed person I've ever personally talked with, nothing is up for debate except just how bad things will get given various possible trajectories of global emissions.  My opinion is based (in part of course, I'm just generally informed as a...
79 followed by a 94.
 I have a statistics PhD and have been colleagues with a number of people who work in climate modeling.  Human causation of climate change isn't a hunch.  Pretending that uncertainty about the degree of measurement error and association of various measurements with other features of interest and general variance of both measurement and the natural processes under investigation implies that the correct answer is a wave of the hands and a declaration that we just don't know...
 That's pricey for exploding gag balls...
 Unfortunately, you or I have as good a chance of winning the GOP primary as Kasich.  He's a (Christian) socialist after all, quoting Matthew and talking about stealing my tax dollars to give shit away to the poor, rationalizing it talking about having answers at the pearly gates and all.  Communist Manchurian candidate if you ask me.
 I noticed that too and thought of this thread!  If it's good enough for a 2 time major champion, it's good enough for me!
 Lol.  Welcome to fantasyland.  Seriously.  Get a grip on reality.  
Well, now you're definitely not being a dick.  Kinda seems at this point like you screwed yourself and there's no way out!  
 You're right, I forgot that aspect, that the bad players are part of the big family group vacation, and the good players are just driving in to get the good deal at a fancy course.  I'm not sure I agree with how much you think this is a nasty snub, but I agree it changes the picture a bit.  Does make it a little less cool.  Enough so that I agree at least that maybe the @huck344 might reconsider and go with the 2/2 split.
Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, given Trump's poll numbers and the fact that golf spans across lots of different lines, including political beliefs (something I like about the game).  But I must say I'm surprised and sad at the level of (even soft) defending of Trump on this thread.  
New Posts  All Forums: