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I struggle with this.  When I try to go no thoughts I tend to hit terrible shots (this tells you how good my ingrained swing is!).  So I tend to struggle with not thinking obsessively about way too much mechanics on the course, and that leads to bad shots too.  I do best (currently) trying to clear the array of mechanical thoughts by actively concentrating on one thought, or sometimes one thought on the back swing, one thought for the down swing (though I've been...
 This is why I prefer no alignment lines on the ball.  On the tee and on the green I place the ball so only white is showing.  For me the line is just another distraction.  I just trust that my read and alignment of the putter itself is correct and concentrate on hitting the ball exactly in the direction the putter is aimed at the right speed.  Of course, I'm not a super good putter, so...
 I've never seen anyone at my local range filming their swings other than a few of the pros who give lessons there.  Though I rarely go to the range anymore, just hit BirdieBalls in the back "yard" or at the park on the way to work, so maybe it's gotten more regular in the past year or two?  Though I still never see them when at the course warming up or on the occasions when I go cause I want to hit regular balls.
There's already a how to film your swing thread  ​ .  But there was an off-topic discussion in another thread about how much and when to film your swing, and how you should use that tool.  I thought it might make an interesting discussion, so I'm starting a dedicated thread.   Personally, I think it varies.  If you've already got a stable swing that you're happy with and you're just trying to maintain, not really working on anything new, then you probably don't need to...
 That's a really good point. Is it true that even drives don't roll out much in the fairways there?  If that's true, that makes this point especially true.  I'm pretty long for an amateur, but I don't carry pro distance, like most of us don't.  So even with an above average driving day, with only 5-10 yards of roll out I'm still hitting long iron into most of those par 4s.  God knows I ain't hitting every green with a 4i!
 Yeah I've had a few frauds (or self-deluders, you choose) sidle up and try to offer advice.  Never had a good pro do that.  Only time someone sidled up and offered random advice that was good was recently actually.  Kid who works at the local range, maybe 23, studying/training trying to become a pro.  This was right after my most recent My Swing post.  He watched a few balls, advised one thing quite similar to what Mike had me working on and complemented my doing...
 Nice.  Love the hat.  Love the banjo too.  Long time guitar player.  Keep meaning to get a cheap old banjo to mess around on.  You should wear that exact getup to the local course, sneak up on groups, play and sing 20-30 seconds of some classic bluegrass song, and then disappear.
 Ha.  32.  What can I say.  I've always been a sucker for hats.  And this one's called The Gambler!  Feels baller to me.  Plus, the full brim really is better protecting from the son.
Not sure if @Shindig was making a joke, but here's one vote against golf brand hats.  Why do I want to pay a company so I can be a walking advertisement for them?  If you want a baseball style hat there are plenty of comfortable single color mesh back hats that don't double as advertisements.  Though I've graduated to this   
 Didn't know there'd been studies to back it up.  That's interesting.  And yeah, I forgot to mention that not only is it easier to start putts on line but they hold the line better for sure.  Nothing so frustrating as a slow green with wobbles where you hit a good 10 foot putt that would easily drop on a fast true green and it wobbles a few times and ends up just off the edge.
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