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 This was my overswing miss too, forever.  Though I don't get my weight forward to a fault!  But otherwise the same.  Overswing leads to hands behind.  They chase to catch up but leave the club behind and I leave the face open.  Though I've discovered that I naturally hit with the toe down.  In trying to keep the hands "lower" at impact for a level club at impact, my overswing miss is changing.  If I leave the hands behind from the top I'll come from way inside but get the...
I can't resist jumping in on the independence/correlation issues between first hole, subsequent holes, and total round score.  There are two main possible dependencies here:  (1) dependence between first hole score and subsequent hole scores (or differentials), and (2) dependence between first hole score and total score.  There are also two possible sources of dependency (1): (A) first hole score being an indication of how you're performing physically with the swing that...
 So you're saying I shouldn't extrapolate my love of my 3i to a 2i?  Boo!
I said 3i, my longest iron, cause I have days where it's my favorite tee club and I feel confident going for par 5s in two or long par 3s with it.  Of course, I'm not claiming I'm as consistently good with it as, say, my 6i, but if I were to answer 6i, I might as well answer PW, cause I'm consistently better with that than, say, my 7i or even 8i.  But I figured that's not the point of the question     I've never found a huge advantage in hybrids.  My 19˚ hybrid probably...
Go with Tiger just because he gets four chances a year, and he  could always feel healthy and put on a classic performance.  Rory's gotta have one of his dominant performances at Augusta.  Not out of the question obviously, as he was dominating until Sunday last year (last year, right?).  But he only gets one chance a year.  I'd give Tiger better odds of winning one of the next 5-13 majors than Rory winning the Masters the next 1-3 years.
 This is an impressive shot zone, even for a PW.  80% of the time you land it within 18-20 feet of your average!  That's ridiculously good!  Especially now if you start aiming 15 feet left.  You'll have a reasonable birdie putt 80% of the time, and a really makable short one something like 40%! Also, @billchao, Themistocles literally made me LOL.  Can't say that happens a ton at TST!
Hey Mike,   Love the workouts you're doing.  I got away from weights after my college baseball career was over partly mostly because I'd only ever been taught classic (but not good classic) weight lifting.  You know, chest/triceps day of bench, incline bench, flies, tricep press, etc.  Back/shoulders day of rows, back flies, pull-ups, shoulder press, lighter weight baseball style rotator cuff stuff, various curls.  And a legs day squats, leg curls, quad extensions, etc....
I ordered this book yesterday at 6:30pm EDT.  I got a shipping confirmation with USPS tracking info at 9pm EDT.  Yeah late night shipping!
 I like your statistical setup!  But I'd guess this is generally what people are giving a guess at when they answered your OP.  Is there any other way to interpret "Does your 1st hole score affect the rest of your round?"
 Positive thinking!  I'm on plane every shot!
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