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The ladies have been great this year. It's very competitive at the top; considering that the last 15 years of women's golf has consisted of Annika dominating, immediately followed by Lorena dominating, followed by various Asian players having 1-2 year runs of being completely unbeatable, parity is a big shift from the norm.
The tool reflects the thought: keep things simple.  
Him holding an equity stake in True Linkswear sort of precludes him from any shoe or clothing deals.
It might not be pretty, but I bet he keeps the ball in the fairway with that swing.
Exactly whose idea was it to hold this tournament at a course across the street from a race track on the same weekend as said race track is hosting the British Superbike Grand Prix? The buzzing of motorcycle engines is driving me mad, and I'm watching on TV.
That's essentially what Europe does with half of its qualifying places; since the best American players play in non-PGA Tour events, I don't know whether that would make any significant difference. What were the points earned as of the PGA Championship?
Indeed, they did, but the post-mortem for this Ryder Cup should not be that it was a lost cause from the start. The U.S. team that prevailed at Valhalla was far less talented than this squad; the 2010 team was similarly outmatched, yet it still managed to take the Europeans to the wire. This should not have been a blowout.
Finally, someone has asked the $64,000 question: if the blueprint to defeating Europe was laid out in 2008, why have the last three American captains been so unwilling to follow those plans?
It's only a matter of when Europe wraps it up, and who delivers the knockout blow.
The Americans have been losing the 13th hole all weekend; clearly, the ideal position for the approach is behind those gorse bushes left of the fairway. I don't recognize skinny, bearded Darren Clarke.
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