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If only he was playing...
Any chance one of the American Ryder Cup team members discovers an undiagnosed rotator cuff injury in the next week?
He would not have been the first Australian golf champion to lose a limb in a freak accident. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/1710524/gallery-jack-newton-30-years-after-the-accident/
Damn, I would not have expected it to be Rory who collapsed in that final pairing.
This marks eight consecutive years of me saying I'm going to buy tickets for the Tour Championship, then never doing it. This year's excuse: I thought the tournament was next week, and I knew I wasn't going to be able to take a day off work then. I did catch a glimpse of an official BMW 7-Series leaving the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Atlanta on my lunch break yesterday. Who is sponsored by TaylorMade, has a blonde girlfriend, and a caddie who is tall and kind of pudgy?
My reservation about Simpson is that he's a very grindy type of player, and that doesn't always translate well to match play. The core of the European team is made up of golfers with big, athletic games, and that's the kind of player the USA needs to recruit in its captain's selections; we're really missing Dustin Johnson in that regard. Bradley fits that kind of mold; so does Mahan. What sort of role does that twelfth man on the roster need to fill?
I was sure it was going to be Bradley, Mahan, and Simpson 24 hours ago, but Kirk's victory changes things. Kirk was on the bubble a month ago, and if you told me he'd win in the playoffs, I would have thought it would be good enough to play his way on the team.
Look at the famous photo of Ben Hogan's 1-iron approach at the 1950 US Open.Do you see any TV camera towers? Grandstands? Hospitality tents? Gallery ropes? No, no, no, and no. The infrastructure demands of a modern golf championship are far greater than a half-century ago.
The same is true for everyone besides Mahan. If I were making the selections right now, I'd say he hasn't shown me enough.
Bill Haas' season results, or "How to Reach 24th in FedEx Cup Points As Anonymously As Possible:"   T16 T21 T9 (unofficial) T24 T6 T43 T34 T23 T17 (WGC-Match Play second round) T6 T14 T37 T20 WD (RBC Heritage, wrist injury) T44 T26 T21 T8 T35 T5 (unofficial) T30 T23 T51 T41 T27 T2 T15
New Posts  All Forums: