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I just caught the leaderboard of the Senior British Open on TV. Langer's at -16; second place is at -3, and that's Colin Mongomerie and Tom Watson. Good lord! And we thought that Rory was dominating last week...
 Greg Norman, at 42, was still the world's top-ranked player at the end of 1997; 50-year-old Jumbo Ozaki was ranked in the top ten. Before Tiger ascended to world number one that year, no number-one had been born as late as 1959. When he won his first Masters, the runner-up was 47-year-old Tom Kite. For whatever reason, the generation of players who should have been in their primes when Tiger Woods came onto the scene (e.g. those born in the early-mid 60s) never produced a...
The Open Championship didn't do much to develop a clearer picture of who will make the American Ryder Cup squad. Rickie Fowler and Jim Furyk were the only two Americans to finish inside the top ten at Hoylake, and they went into the Open in the seventh and sixth qualifying positions, respectively. The official post-championship standings haven't been released yet, but Fowler and Furyk will move up to third and fourth in points, changing their status from "probably safe" to...
There's more than a bit of residue from imperial Britain in the name. There are a lot of British organizations that don't feel the need to identify as such in their names, because they were products of an age when the sun never set on the Union Jack. For example, the national soccer federation of England is simply the FA (Football Association).
This era isn't going to be defined by a single player, and I'm fine with that. The key thing right now is that we're in a five-year run of great champions who will never appear on a "worst players to win a major" list. The generation of players burdened with the "next Tiger" expectations are playing the best golf of their careers in their early thirties, and the generation in their twenties has been very good from the beginning.
Two runner-up finishes in majors in a row for Rickie Fowler. The kid is finally living up to the hype. And Sergio also finishes second in a major again, but this time, he finishes strong.
Don't go OB now, Rory. Play your second shot from Anfield if you have to.
I'm looking at this leaderboard; Scott Van Pelt just said Charl Schwartzel is the lowest-ranked player in the top seven, at 26th in the world. I thought this course could give is the first out-of-left-field major winner in several years, but that's definitely not the case.
Rory is going to have to work for par at 16; that's losing shots to the field on a par 5. It's a good chasing pack behind him; let's not crown him yet.
I would prefer a tournament rather than a coronation, which is contrary to what ESPN wants. They're already salivating over a Rory McIlroy runaway, so they can proclaim him the world's dominant player.(I don't see him stretching out a big lead this weekend.)
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