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http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/13549243/rory-mcilroy-reclaims-world-no-1-ranking-jordan-spieth-jason-day-climbs-rankingsThe important bit...
Day can actually reach World No. 1 status with a win and help in Boston next weekend.
Let's say JD wins again in the Playoffs, and picks up the FedEx Cup title. That would give him five victories for the season; would he have a stronger claim to Player of the Year honors over Jordan Spieth?
It's not a historical artifact; it's a prop from a TV show. Let him do whatever he wants with it.
Dustin Johnson shot 19-under for 54 holes the last time this tournament was held at Plainfield. Based on what I've watched so far today, I doubt anyone will come within ten strokes to par of DJ's winning score in a full four rounds.
I don't think the problems that are implied by "career politicians" would be helped by term limits. That would only discourage people committed to public service out of entering politics, while encouraging the ones who are out to enrich themselves to be more brazen in their bilking while they can. Plus, our legislators would perpetually inexperienced at writing laws, and those duties would be further relegated to outside interests.
No, shame on the Supreme Court. It was the Citizens United case that enforced the current reality.
It's not a big deal for Kaymer; he won't have any problem receiving an invitation from whatever tournament he wants to play. It's a bigger deal for up-and-coming players who actually need sponsor's invitations for access to PGA Tour events, which has a much greater importance now that Q-School has been abolished. Guys like Beau Hossler, Jon Rahm, and Bryson DeChambeau will now have twelve fewer attempts to earn their tour cards because a player who is otherwise exempt many...
Some person? I was the first person who said that!This isn't just a Trump delusion in this case; he's acting as the nativist wing's mouthpiece. It's true that a young woman was murdered in broad daylight in San Francisco by an undocumented immigrant with a lengthy police record; it's also true that an older woman elsewhere in California was raped and murdered in her home, also by an undocumented immigrant with a lengthy police record. Look into the right-wing blogosphere...
New Posts  All Forums: