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NYT: In a Hole, Golf Considers Digging a Wider One My own opinion: golf's governing bodies are obviously concerned about the long-term health of the game, so I understand their desire to throw out new ideas. The 15-inch cup feels like a gimmick to me, though.
The Masters will always have a sudden death playoff. Augusta National likes its winner to walk up the 18th fairway in the golden hour, and they aren't going to sacrifice such telegenics to make a time window for an aggregate playoff.
It's like Bubba is daring to blow his lead with one shot.
Only Blixt can save us now.
Kooch and Spieth both yanked their approaches at 14. Not a hole where you want a 50-foot putt. Kooch bailed out into the bunker. I'm ready to count him out.
If Bubba's lead is still three after 16, I'll give it to him. There are still a few crucial holes to play.
Bubba's on the Shakey's Pizza watch after that birdie. None of those four strokes looked solid.
He didn't want to run that putt ten feet past, so he left it six feet short.
Blixt's got a decent chance to get to 6-under.
That was not a good a approach from that distance.
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