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The groups have been drawn. I don't see any obvious groups of death, but McIlroy, Watson, Walker, and Dustin Johnson will all have tough tasks to get out of their groups unscathed. Also worth pointing out: the Harding Park course is routed this week like it was during the Presidents Cup in 2009, with the normal finishing stretch of holes along Lake Merced playing as holes 10 through 14.
Ben didn't hit onto the fifth fairway, as the original article noted, but the twelfth, which runs parallel to the sixth in the same direction. The caddie most likely called out to the players on the twelfth tee and suggested they hold back.
I want Pacquiao to win; not only because Mayweather is a scumbag, but because I have HBO, and they will only have the rights to broadcast the replay if Manny wins.
The big question is, will the players walk onto the course tomorrow to find a spruce tree somehow materializing itself over Crane's gap?  
I went to the European Tour's website to figure out who you had given the nickname "Lando Casanova" to, and lo and behold, that's his real damned name! Something new every time...
The way you said that sort of proves my point. When you reach the hole that separates the men from the boys, you shouldn't have to pretend there's something on the line; if it's the 18th, when it's as likely as not a match is already wrapped up by then, that's an example of poor routing.The broader point is, I don't see any reason why a course shouldn't necessarily finish on a par 3, besides it not providing a suitably volatile setting for tournament play. This is a case...
There's a spectator element to tennis that golf doesn't have to deal with. The top seeds get prime time matches on the show courts because they're the players fans want to see. I don't see what the equivalent is for golf, besides having "marquee groups" that line up with the TV broadcast window on either of the first two days.
It's like the movie Over the Top, where Sylvester Stallone enters the national arm-wrestling championship in order to win a new semi-truck. Are the tournament organizers taking their cues from "Let's Make a Deal?" Is there an XC90 hiding behind the backhoe waiting to be revealed in the case someone actually does make a hole-in-one?
I absolutely would not be coming back for more from a course that eats my lunch before I can make it back to the clubhouse.
I have three separate opinions on the topic. 1. As a recreational player, I don't like feeling beaten up by a finishing hole. There is a tendency for 18th holes to be long, uphill hikes back to the clubhouse, and holes like those are rarely fun for a player of my ability. I may not finish with a par on a par-3 finishing hole, but I won't feel emasculated by it, either, so it's something that I wouldn't mind seeing more often. 2. A par 3 would provide a dramatic finish...
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