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Listening to the debate about Tiger Woods is exhausting. The binary nature of the back-and-forth argument — if he isn't the undisputed king of golf, he's completely washed up — is needlessly arbitrary. Tiger battled with an extended period of injuries and poor play before, and he climbed his way back to number one in the world. This is his essentially his first time back at competitive golf in six months, and he definitely looked a lot like the Tiger of old on the back...
 There are four major sanctioning bodies in professional boxing, and the nature of the sport's politics make it very difficult for there to be an undisputed champion in any weight class. Wladimir Klitschko holds three of those belts, and has been recognized as champion by at least one of those bodies since 2005 without a defeat, making him the lineal champion as well. The only reason he doesn't hold the remaining WBC title belt, now held by Wilder, is because his brother...
Let's be real, he's a heavyweight champion, not the heavyweight champion. Klitschko is the real champion, and Wilder is just a guy with a fancy belt.
Well, Kaymer certainly laid down the hammer today. I hope no one planned on waking up early to watch the final round tomorrow morning.
Spring Break in Rancho Santa Fe is in mid-February? Talk about seasonal creep.
Yeah, unless the designer took the care to reconstruct the real 13th's hanging lies or severe green undulations, this hole doesn't hold a candle to the original.
Tonight at 11, exclusive footage of the burning clubhouse during this weekend's Scottsdale Riots...
Bae's certainly playing this week like someone out to prove the Korean government he's more valuable as a golfer than a soldier.
Ryan's a top-30 ranked player in the world right now; if he wanted to cash in on a big equipment sponsorship, now would be the time. I don't know TaylorMade's tour staff policy, but it wouldn't surprise me if they had a rule about not negotiating less than a head-to-toe deal with such a caliber of golfer; given Ryan's financial interests on the apparel and footwear side of the game, he could never accept such an offer.
I don't think the player should have all that difficult of a time to decide what to do on this hole; the drive dictates the next play. Assuming you're a right-handed player (which I'm not), the ideal tee shot is a slight draw into the slope of the fairway. Hit a good drive, and you should be able to carry the cross bunkers easily with a fairway wood or hybrid, leaving a pitch up to the green. If you're in the rough, keep short of the bunkers on the second and settle for a...
New Posts  All Forums: