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Any Republican road map to the presidency in 2016 involves winning over Hispanic voters, and Trump couldn't make it two weeks through this sham campaign without completely alienating them. He's done.
In the 1986 Masters, Tom Kite missed a ten-footer that would have forced a playoff with Jack Nicklaus. Like Dustin's putt, it died below the hole at the last moment, and it would have gone in with a firmer stroke. Nobody remembers that now, partially because Kite's blunder was less spectacular than Ballesteros snap-hooking his approach into the pond at 15 or Norman blocking an iron into the gallery at 18, and also because Kite eventually picked up his major victory. If...
As far as I'm concerned, the bottom line on the greens is this. The conditioning of a course's greens can be described as a disaster if it prevents the tournament from determining the best golfer. There have been occasions in recent years where a PGA Tour venue's greens have resulted in disaster. East Lake's greens in 2007 would have been unplayable if it were hosting any other event than the Tour Championship's 30-player field. Quail Hollow's greens were in such bad...
First of all, St. Andrews is on the other side of Scotland from Glasgow. Secondly, the drinking age over there is well under 21.Even so, Spieth isn't going 3-for-3.
To be fair to Buck, "Bob Jones" is what it said on the graphic. Still, that means Fox's infographic man assigned to the U.S. Open had no idea who Bobby Jones is, which is bad enough.
On a positive note, TaylorMade's accountants will not have to report to the office early tomorrow morning.
Oh, Lord.
How much was 125th on the money list last year?
He misses it on the high side.
Give it a chance; don't send it five feet past the hole.
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