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Technically, AK still has his PGA Tour card until he uses up his medical extensions, so he would have been exempt from local qualifying anyway.
We're running out of players we can say "has he won anything" about.
Stick it, Rickie. Onions.
Why hasn't Sawgrass hosted the Ryder Cup yet?
Fowler and Kisner keep going, and Sergio is off to the bar.
Sergio had that putt an hour ago. Let's hope he learned something.
336 yards, dead center. Good grief, Rickie, you're making all of us look bad.
I'm liking this aggregate playoff format. It's too bad more tournaments can't settle ties like this.
It's a playoff, then. The only question is how many players will be involved.
That was not a clutch drive, Ben.
New Posts  All Forums: