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I've been playing the Titleist 909H, 21 degree, Diamana shaft this year and absolutely love it. The ball gets up quickly and levels off, no balooning. It has a nice feel at impact and cuts through the rough pretty well. My league partner has the TM Raylor which he loves. He hits it well from the rough and fairway. The only thing I noticed is that he has a draw to serious hook most of the time while he hits a slight fade with most of his other clubs.
Pictures can be emailed on request
The club is in excellent condition and hardly used since I primarily use a 3 hybrid. The club has a Project X flighted 5.5 shaft which I custom ordered with the entire set. $75 OBO. I'd be interested in a trade if anyone has a Titleist 909H 24 degree. I live in central NY about 40 miles east of Syracuse.
Just a warning to everyone out there to buy from a reputable vendor. Our local golf shop had a guy come in after purchasing a brand new set of AP2's online for $499 only to find out the clubs were counterfeit. Under $500 seems "too good to be true" for a new set. Then again maybe I'm just not looking in the right places.
Mizuno T-Zoid Pros that I owned back in the '90s. My AP2's are as close as I've been able to get to the same feel without sacrificing some forgiveness. Unfortunately my game isn't what it used to be.
I know there's a lot of knowledge about bags on this forum so I'm asking for help/suggestions to replace my BagBoy Clip-Lok. What I dont like about the cliplok is the clubs aren't tiered from back to front, making it a nuisance to pull clubs that are near the back (when riding). The cart canopy/rain shield and head covers of other clubs always gets in the way. Here's what I'm looking for: Full length dividers, more than three sections Putter tube (no exterior clips) A...
I'll cast a vote for the Lamkin Torsion Control. Awesome tackiness and feel. The only issue I found is they wear faster because they are soft.
Please delete this listing. The club is no longer for sale.
I've got six words for you: Tommy Armour Titanium Tommy Gun Driver Everything about this driver was just wrong!
Trades considered. I would be looking for a used set of Mizuno or Titleist forged irons.
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