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Or fish...
You should also try on another pair of the 9.5M and 9.5W...another pair might fit slightly differently.
Your understanding of a closed clubface and how to weaken the grip are correct. As far as what it does to the clubface, though, is incorrect. Weakening your grip (or strengthening it) shouldn't really do anything to the clubface while at rest unless you are rotating the whole club and not just your grip on the club.
When you are putting before a round on the practice green, take note then of how far your back swing and forward swing are for certain distance putts. Using a standard back and forward swing distance for every 15 footer wouldn't work well from one course to another since it will depend on green speed course to course.
I've been out 46 times so far this year. 31 of those were just playing 9 though.
I love my Clicgear 2.0 cart. I agree completely with the other reviews of it. Great cart.
I have made a few purchases from them. No problems. I will definitely buy from them again.
I played with a pair of Nike SP-3's last year and found them extremely uncomfortable. When I went to visit my parents in Texas last December, I bought a pair of Footjoy Contours to play with while I was there and brought back with me, and I love them. Much more comfortable. Night and day.
I agree with others that you really need to just go and putt with them to see what you like best. That said, I really like my Yes! Marilyn.
I'd pull the 54* and the 7 metal.
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