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My entry   http://games.golfweek.com/bracket.asp?ID=7&Bracket=26728
I found a used set of raw (and rusted) Yururi blades selling for ~$1,000.  Has anyone hit these before or have any experience with this brand?  It looks quite sweet with the rust and hand grind marks.  Is it worth the asking price?
Plenty of good municipal golf in the Twin Cities.  Around St. Paul area, I'd go for the UofM course (they also have a great driving range), Keller (old Championship course with challenging layout, and Como is ok too.
Hi all, I'm taking a 4 day vacation in Singapore from 11/22-25, and I would like to golf as much as possible!  Anyone familiar with the country that can offer some advice?  I'll be golfing as a single (unless you or someone you know want to join!), and would need to be able to book tee-times in advance for non-member courses.  Currently, I already booked a round at Marina Bay for Thursday.  However, I'm looking at Sentosa, Tanah Merah, and SICC for Friday and Saturday....
I mostly play in China and the average round is >5 hours.  As all courses require caddies, and most require carts in addition.........  ridiculous.
Looking at the divots of your irons can also indicate whether or not the lie is off..
How often do you guys check your loft and lie angles for your irons? Spent $30 bucks at Golf Galaxy a couple of weeks ago to have them checked. I was completely surprised that my set was all over the place. Lie angles were anywhere from standard to 3* flat. Lofts were a couple degrees to a club weak. Had them all reset to 2* flat, and standard lies, and I had noticeable ball-striking improvement this week (not to mention distance gain). Highly recommended if you play...
I think Phil Mickelson perfectly summed it up after the Masters, "A great shot is when you pull it off. A smart shot is when you don't have the guts to try it." :p
You may have seen Lebron in his last home Cavs game.. :p
Yes, if it is too big it can make it harder for your right hand to release properly through impact, causing a slice or push.
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