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I sure as hell would- and even if he does not get caught doing it the first time, he will- and he probably wont be welcome back after that. Wearing metal spikes when they are banned is basically vandalizing the green
On Big berthas? Thats the same as a p wedge...just with a 10 instead of p.
I have allways wondered about replacing my grips myself, can someone give me a link or a guide on how to do it? Sorry if this is too offtopic for this forum, some places this kind of slightly off topic question is frowned upon, others it is fine. I am new here.
If it were me I would Ebay them in sets of 50-100-150. Ship via USPS priority flat rate. Sell all the callaways togethers, pro v1s together, and other "premium" balls together. You could do them all seperatly, but no one is going to want to buy 100 maxflis for example, so just sell the non premium (most nikes, topflight ect.) in mixed lots. I would start the auction at about 35 cents a ball. Good luck!
I agree- hitting a 3 wood off the turf is tough and not worth it for most golfers
Where in kansas? (for local pick up) I am in manhattan. How much would it be?
how much are you looking for?
I have only hit one yardage marker. The marker was about 15 feet into the rough (next to the fairway). I drove, and hit the marker before my ball bounce. It deflected right into the fairway!
thanks but I decided no.
I really have no idea, can you please send me a pm with a price?
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