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I just got fitted as well at 1/2" over. There is definitely an adjustment period. If you're like me you've spent most of your golf life unconsciously compensating for clubs that are too short and/or too flat. Once you stop doing that, you'll stop hitting it fat. Try adding a little more spine tilt at address with your long irons. You may have previously created an excessively decending blow with your old irons by keeping your spine vertical at address. The right...
The Speed Stik thing says I swing 125mph. That's probably right; I hit my 8 iron 165.
Tiger is looking really tough but the headlines are ridiculous right now. ESPN says "All Over Now" as if Tiger has already won. Els is 1 back and its only Friday! I'm traveling right now. Can't wait to home to watch the last two rounds. I love it when the leader board is nothing but Tiger, Ernie, Sergio, Retief et. al...that's what a major championship is all about.
What a swing.
I don't know about them being beginner clubs. Like you pointed out, Tim Herron still plays them. Other pros do too (at least singles like the sand wedge). I guess the question is, do you play them well? The second question is, will you sell them to me cheap? Kidding. You should get a good chunk of change out of both sets on eBay.
Tiger's looking good. Nice to see him playing well again. Love to see Vijay at the top too. Should be a good finish.
Olson twins and ...err, oh, not what you meant. 1) Phil Mickelson 2) Ernie Els 3) John Daly Those are just some of my favorite players. Augusta would definitely work.
That's good stuff. I've come to realize the importance of preprograming, if you will, in the way you describe. What you describe sound like swing keys to me, so the thread is on topic for all intents and purposes.
Start with "what'd you get there" as your walking to the next whole. If he's off by a stroke and you know it, gently remind him. Suggest something like "oh, I count X...did you miss that whiff?" Whatever you do, make sure its not harsh right off because you jeopardize the relationship and he might actually not realize he's doing it.
Not necessarily anything. This post is about what swing keys are biggest for you. I am a big fan of going contrary to conventional wisdom. There are few--a very few--really different golf swings out there that just work for the pros. Your swing just takes a great deal of timing. You're probably losing power but if it works and you're consistent, it works. Not urging you to change anything. What I'm talking about is something Im working hard on right now. I've been...
New Posts  All Forums: