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1 or 4.
Ahhhh gotcha'. What a shame.
Just for the hell of it I bent an old, worn out Hogan 56 degree to 60. From there I grinded the sole until I found a suitable bounce. The club is still useless since the grooves on the face are gone. I also took a forged 300 series TM 6 iron and bent it to about 54. If I would have gone any further it would have snapped. I had that sole on the grinder forever but it was impossible. It's always fun bending clubs.
I'm glad they didn't move the Players to May. It just wouldn't be right after the Masters.
Has anyone hit the Bridgestone J33 Wedge? I've always looked down on Bridgestone but the B330 ball wasn't too bad.
Dang I missed this one. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
Yes Sir-E!
I couldn't sleep so I decided to look on the net for a good travel cover to safely get my clubs home for Thanksgiving. I would really like Club Glove's Last Bag but the price is the same as that of the hybrid I desperately need instead. Also, I'm a college student and you know how most of us are with regards to spending money . I found this one on eBay and will probably put a bid in later today. What do you guys and gals recommend? (Delete this thread if it has...
Would you agree that newer courses seem to be limiting most approaches to be carried high and soft compared to the run up shot? It may just be me, but it seems new courses (such as the ones that seem to be popping up everywhere in Florida with over priced houses surrounding them) use water or sand to guard most of the greens. I sometimes think that they add these hazards for the aesthetic side first then playabilty side second.
As you have hopefully read, Phil has decided to not play in next week's Tour Championship. It was vaguely cited that he made a personal, private decision to not play. What do you think would have been a better excuse? I would have gone with the standard "The dog ate my clubs/plane ticket/competitiveness" excuse. Or maybe he has to pack his kids' lunches next week because the school is serving disgusting sloppy joes.
New Posts  All Forums: