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Hey thanks alot guys!!
Went out to the range today with a buddy who is still gaming the Titleist 755 Irons. I always loved the look of them so I asked if he would mind if I took a couple of swipes with them. Well after hitting the 5,6,7 and 9 iron I have to say, WOW, I love those things. I was looking around online to see if there was any place that still carries the 755s, but really couldn't find anything that looked reputable. Does anyone know of any place that would still carry old irons,...
I'm in the market for a new bag after one of the legs of my R7 stand bag broke and I was wondering what the feeling was about the staff bags. I just love the way they look and since I do 99.99% of my golfing from a cart (my home course has the gps carts and they are too hard to give up to walk) they seem to make sense. The only thing I was wondering about was will I get chased off the course since I am a 22 handicap?? More seriously though, do any of you guys have and...
sp33...I hear ya. I love nothing more than grabbing a glass of Woodford Reserve Bourbon (as close to scotch as I get these days) along with an AVO XO cigar and sitting out in the early evening. Its the only thing that can rival a good 18 holes.
Good lord, I didn't realize that people could get so worked up about the equipment that others use. Maybe we should all post our full list of golf equipment in order to get approvement from the golf gods.
Currently working for a legal support firm, unfortunately it doesn't allow me to sneak away enough to grab a weekday round.
www.rockmanorgolf.com Nothing too special, but it sure does provide me with more than enough fun.
Jack will always be one of my favorites and though I am not a big fan of Tiger's antics (slamming clubs always seems to bug me) I can't deny that Tiger is something special. He's just one of those guys that was born with a little extra talent and it shows. He will go down, statistically, as the best golfer ever. But Jack will always be at the top of my personal all time greats list.
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