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Thanks for all the help, sorry for the delay in responding, but I got married yesterday and have been out of town. Anyway, I am not unhappy with my wedge play at all, more of the geek in me wondering how/why. I don't think I really want or need to spin the ball back, I am happy with the ball stopping within 3 feet of my divot, now if I could get my divot within 3 feet of the pin I would be all set. Thanks again for all the information, it totally makes since! Jamie
I am 6' and my clubs are +.5" and 2* upright, best move I ever did was get fitted. Jamie
Thanks for the recommendation, I guess the ping wedges I have are not as aggressive on the groove cut, is that the issue? Jamie
OK, first off, I am a sweeper when it comes to my swing. Second, I use soft ball but not a high dollar ball like the pro v1 or callaway tour balls. I have G10s to include my gap and sand wedge (50* & 54*). I hit my wedges high and with some spin but not enough to spin the ball back. My balls stop within 1-3 feet of the divot. I am not unhappy with my control and stoppage of the ball this is more of a want to know. What is keeping my ball from spinning back? Is it the...
Ha Ha Ha Chinglish Very funny!! jamie
depends on who I am playing with. Solo - when I am done I might have a couple if I grab a bite. With a group, non league, as many as everyone else does league-after we are done, with the guys I played with. With dad/best buds- as many as fits in the cooler!!! jamie
Firm believer in find what you like and stick with it. I had my Ping Anser 4 for about 14 years. Just switched to a SC, still in the learning curve with it but it will be my daily gamer. I do have two Byron morgans on the way though, I imagine those will be for display but if the SC doesn't come through, it may go to the display rack and the Captain Morgan will step up :D Good Luck Jamie
I went 2 months, maybe 12 rounds without a three putt. This was with my 14 year old Ping Anser. Switched to a Studio Select Newport 2 and let the learning curve begin, again! Jame
Sounds like my SC story. Wanted a Newport for awhile and came across a Studio Select Newport 2 for a good (great) price and picked it up. It replaced a 14 year old Ping Anser that was getting beat up pretty good and wasn't the prettiest to look at but it could make some putts. I hadn't three putt in 2 months, maybe 12 rounds. Played the first time with little practice and pushed and pulled EVERYTHING. 5 three putts that round, so bad I stopped keeping score. Next outing...
THanks I just read a post on another forum talking about "tee up" money. It said Callaway offered $3000 a week to anyone who played the Big Bertha II driver when it was introduced. Not sure the date, but 3K a week buys a lot of Pizza and Beer! Jamie
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