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I just wanted to say thanks for the reviews here. I am going through a "ball test" this year to replace the Penta that I have been playing since 2010 (and am finally starting to run out of). I was going to skip the Chrome Soft due to how unimpressed I have been with Callaway balls over the years. The comments here have changed my mind on that however and, unexpectedly, I will be including the Chrome Soft in my test this year. Thanks everybody!
I'm on the opposite side of the coin as most. I prefer a smaller club head myself. I'm swinging a Yonex Ezone Type 380 at the moment which, as far as I know, is one of the smallest (if not the smallest) drivers in production at the moment.
Probably not, at least not unless you know the exact head weight of the wedge. Even if you pull the grip, it might not be stamped in the manner expected anyway.
Agree, 100%. As if my sig didn't imply that...
FWIW, the TT "wedge" flex shaft is simply an S200/S300/S400 (depending on the weight that the wedge OEM was aiming for).Personally, I like my wedges to share the same shaft as my irons. Mainly for consistency. If I were to use a different shaft in my wedges than in my irons, I'd go stiffer/heavier in my wedges and short irons for more control and lower trajectory (ie: the same school of thought as a "flighted" set of shafts, more or less).
Scotty Cameron Newport Button Back - 34" - 100% factory - stitchback grip - stock shaft label - original leather headcover - original 15g weights This putter is in great shape with only minor nicks here and there. I've done my best to let the pictures show the actual condition. Please view the full size images. There is a minor nick in the topline (as pictured). In the correct light, this is barely recognizable from address, you really have to be looking for it. Serial...
I've played Scratch wedges. Still have mine. I'd play them more but I made the change to CC grooves this year and my Scratch wedges are not conforming. Scratch wedges are some of the best made. I rank them right up there with my Miura wedges for sure.
Same here. That's a big reason I tend to avoid various Facebook promotions and the like. It's disappointing that so many marketing departments are taking such a deep dive into Facebook but... it's (apparently) what the masses want.
Ad is closed hence the Tournament Blades are sold. I ended up replacing them with a second set of 1957 Baby Blades in the end. Well worth the transition. I love my Baby Blades. IM me if you are interested in contact info for my Miura dealer. Top notch guy and better prices on Miura than I've ever seen elsewhere.
That's what I was thinking. I had one of those days today as well. Not a big deal in the big picture of things. I'll give it another go next time and hope that it goes better.
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